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Taiwan Flag

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Miracles are the word of the week!

Howdy to the western hemisphere!                                                                 Sept. 28, 2015

 How is the weather over there. There is a typhoon here today so that makes the weather really lame and windy! But I hope everyone had a great week!
Taiwan after a storm earlier this year

Everything here in 土城 is great! This week was really interesting. Full of so many miracles, this area is seriously so prepared! This week we found so many investigators! A grad total of 10! Some of them are 還好 But so many of them I think of a lot of potential! As Elder Elliot and I  were walking back to our bikes one day I was telling him, "our live's are soooo weird  we just walk around all day in the rain with really no destination talking to everyone we see." Haha But what we do means a lot more, we focus a lot more on the journey than the destination. 
Typhoon Dijuan. It was a super typhoon! Not quite as strong as the last one but devastating.

This week TJ progressed a lot. Her original date was in the end of October  but we talked to her about it and she was super willing to move it up. She she will hopefully be baptized in the middle of October so we are really looking forward to that! 
Banks of the river Xindian River in Taipei City on Tuesday

Also miracles are happening back in MuZha! I just found out that W DX and WU DX are both going to be baptized this coming Sat.! I will most likely get to go back and see them be baptized, I am so excited for them! They are both great and I can't wait to see them! Life is so great! 
Life is so great right now! I couldn't be happier! What a blessing this mission is!!!

Well other than that there isn't to much to report. I hope ya'll have a great week! 

Elder Roe

Monday, September 21, 2015

The work is on fire here in TuCheng!

Hey everybody!                                                                                   Sept 21, 2015

I hope that everyone has a great week. This past one has been super duper crazy! So I got transferred to TuCheng with Elder Elliot. Like the Mormon Tab choir Richard Elliot's son 的 Elliot. We are having a blast. The ward is great and have a few Golden Investigators. So that makes it super fun.
Elder Elliot and me emailing home.
 I replaced Elder Huntsman who went to the BU to be the next assistant, I love him, he will be so great! We met with a investigator called T. She is so great! She heard at Church that we can't drink coffee so she just quit it without us even talking to her. Then yesterday we taught the plan of salvation which she was really touched by, and then we invited her to pray about it to see if it was true. And she responded (I already know that it is true.) Yeah that's right! She is incredible! 

This week we also went on exchanges with some Elder's that I knew back when I first got to MuZha so that was really fun. It is so crazy how fast time flies! I love the mission it is so much fun! 

Also to end, (sorry to be short) just wanted to give a huge shout out to Brenna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST LITTLE SISTER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best and I hope that all of your wildest dreams come true! 
Best little sister in the world!
Thanks for all the fun we've had together!

I hope that everyone has a great week I love you all! 加油!Elder Porter Roe

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

An Unexpected and Tearful Goodbye

Sept. 14, 2015
Hello to you all,

A TEARFUL GOODBYE! We got a brief message from Elder Roe this week that informed us that he had an unexpected phone call from the mission president on Sat. let him know he was moving even though it wasn't transfers for another 2 weeks. Apparently he was instructed to report to the mission home on Monday the 14th for his new assignment. We don't know anything more than that as of now. I guess we'll wait to see what he tells us next pday.

What we do know is that Elder Roe loved his area so much and was sad to say goodbye to so many wonderful people there. They in turn loved him as can be seen in several photos here. The ward threw a goodbye party for him with a buffet luncheon, goodbye cake and letters and notes and pictures that the kids drew him. :) What a gift! He did say that leaving them all was harder than leaving home in the first place...hahaha. I am slightly offended. :)

The beautiful bake they made me for the goodbye party

My mission buds
One of the greatest families I've ever known
Words cannot describe how much I love this family!
My goodbye meal!!!!
I have loved this area with so many wonderful people
Our big group. Including Pres Lee and Carol Lee who've been so amazing to me
The coolest kid around. He and his little brother are some of my favorites!
 From the bottom of this mother's heart, I thank the people in MuZha (spelling ?) for their kindness and service to my Son....I will be forever grateful to you.

Sister Jody Roe

Monday, September 7, 2015

Even having a desire to believe is where one starts to grow Faith

Hello World!                                                                                        9/7/15

This week was a great week full of business! Lots and lots of teaching which is really good! I am really happy that I have had the opportunity to stay in MuZha for such a long time. I have been really able to see the difference that only time can make. Since I have been here to I have seen so much happen. This ward is really what has made the difference. As they have helped the missionaries and had a desire to have success we have progressed so fast. I feel so blessed. I am really praying that we can continue to improve like we have been! 
Elder Roe LOVES the people of Taiwan

This week we are hoping to have C's baptism! She has come so far! She has progressed so far! This last week we shared about the Word of Wisdom and she had some struggles with it but she agreed to give it up. But the whole reason she is so willing is because she is hoping that by her actions God will see her faithfulness and answer whether or not he really exists.
 But thus far, she still hasn't received the answer she is hoping for. So, tonight we are hoping to share that if we only have a desire to believe that is good enough for the start. Conversion comes with time, and steady obedience to God's commandments. I really hope that she will be able to just take the leap! I know it might seem like a big one for her. I just love her so much, I have known her the entire 8 months I have been in MuZha since her son is a member. She is ready she just needs to believe! 
Love and miss this young man of mine.

Also this week is our outdoor Zone Conference, so we are all looking forward to that. It's always fun to be together with other missionaries! I love our Zone we have so many great missionaries! 

Well Sorry that's all I have time for this time. I love you all so much! 
Elder Roe

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Give Honor to the Sabbath Day and Reap Blessings

Hello everyone,                                                                                    Aug 31, 2015
I was informed this was was National Dog Day, so to all those happy k-9's out there, wishing you a good one! (Porter loves dogs!!!)
 This week was great! We were able to see so many miracles! :) That's the best kind of week you can have right? We weren't able to meet lot's of new people this last week but we did see lot's of miracles with our investigators and LA's so that was lot's of fun!
A really nice restaurant where we ate!!! Great blessing.

We were able to share with 黃 the commandments and she is sooo awesome! Some of them were really hard to accept but she is so prepared. We started with the 10 commandments and she was so funny. She was having a hard time with the fact that we can't worship idols (because that is what everyone does in Taiwan) but by the end of the discussion she was like "You know what I actually don't even like 拜拜'ing those idols, it's actually kind of scary. Not to mention I told like the 香." So that solved that problem!

 And then we started on the Sabbath  Day which was a really hard one for her since she always works out on that day. I told her about my experience with sports and choosing not to work out on Sunday and the blessing I saw from keeping the Sabbath Day holy. When I finished bearing testimony of that she said "Alright I will move all exercise to Saturday. What!?!?! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!! We still have lot's of work to do but she is so awesome!
Porter committed to never working out on Sunday. Keeping the Sabbath holy blessed him immensely in his athletic career.

Also another huge miracle was 馬. This is the one that was hearing all the voices. We met her this week and she was still have quite a few problems. But we had a awesome member help us 陪課 and she just told her that the voices weren't real and not to listen to them. 馬 was pretty surprised by that but she said she would do it. At the end of the week we met with her again and she had improved so much! She still hears things but not she ignores it and focus on reading the scriptures and praying instead of listening to the voices. That is a night and day difference! I am so happy for her and I believe if she continues to improve like this that she will for sure be able to be baptized. God's power is so great. 

Well that's about all for now. I love you all so much! 加油!

Elder Roe