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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The hardest Goodbye I've ever had to say

Hello friends and family!

How was your week? My included a lot of miracles, mangoes, and a typhoon. So pretty awesome week as you could imagine. :) I'll start off with the typhoon. First, everyone is fine and safe. The people that got hit the worst were down on the East coast, especially TaiDong. I was on the phone with Elder Magness and Wayment a lot and I could hear the wind outside. It was nuts, lots of destruction.
Spent an awesome day with this special family. Just impossible to say goodbye to them.

 Only one or two of the missionary apartments had some water get in, but other than that everything was fine. As for outside of the apartments, not so fine. It will take some time for Taidong to get everything cleaned up. As for the north side of the island, we had some wind and rain, and everyone was off the streets since the government called everyone off work. But it was hardly anything, no damage or injuries. We were blessed to all have remained so safe. Hopefully all of the stress marks in parents faces can now fade a little bit.
 Damage in TaiDong was the worst. Roofs were ripped off and lots of damage there.

This last week was a great week. Super busy as we are approaching transfers but fun all the same. Last p-day I went back to MuZha! They were so nice and had a little farewell party. Although it was bitter sweet. One of the great ward members had suddenly passed away the night before. I went to that members house and visited and prayed with the wife, and son. I was thankful for their faith in the plan of salvation, and for their eternal perspective. I was heartbroken to hear that he had just come back up from the south and was planning on coming to see me one last time at this activity. The members here were so kind to me, I'm grateful for their love and support. It was a blessing to be with this family in such a hard moment.
What a cool experience. MuZha sent me off with a final goodbye party!
They prepared all my favorites!!!

Well I guess I better get to the hard part. It's so hard to realize that this is the last email I will be sending from the beautiful land of Taiwan as a full time missionary. I can't use words of any language to express how I feel. The closest I can get is: heartbroken. I have loved, laughed, learned, cried, experienced, and felt everything here. This is where I grew up. This is where I have found my best friend, Jesus Christ. It's where I found my long-time brothers and sisters. It's where I came to know that my Savior truly atoned for me. When I think of leaving this place, I feel like something flies into my throat and I can't breathe. In Taiwan I have learned who I really am, and who the Lord expects me to become. I learned to not give heed to what others think, but to care what God thinks. In Taiwan I have never felt more alone. Never before have I felt that no one understands, and feel life is so dull and meaningless, but in contrast never before have I felt so loved and 被關心的 That life is full of color and has so much meaning and purpose. I have that the scriptures are true. They can bring us so close to our Heavenly Father. I know that prayer works! God listens to every single one. 

The greatest lesson I learned, is that people can change. It is the most tender experience to be able to meet someone on a busy city road, teach them about their Savior Jesus Christ, say a prayer with them (which is the first time they have ever prayed) and then start an incredible journey. I have been blessed to watch families be repaired, husbands and wives stop abusing their spouse, have alcohol, cigarettes, and other addictions be given up all so they can come closer to God and have better lives. For two years it has been the greatest privilege to get a front row seat to miracles. I have loved my mission. I'm grateful God allowed the biggest change to happen within myself. I wanted to end with a final testimony:


See you all on Friday.

Elder Roe

This is Elder Roe's dad  and I just wanted to say that as our son returns home after serving the Lord, Jesus Christ for the past two years in Taiwan his mother and I want to thank everyone for the support you have all shown to us and our family. His mom has done a great job keeping the blog up to date and we're grateful for all the people who have read it. There have been readers from over 10 countries and many 1000's of views, we hope you have felt the spirit of missionary work and the love our Father in Heaven has for each and every one of us. If your an investigator or would just like to find out more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints please go to LDS.ORG, it is a great resource. We are so excited to have Elder Roe return home but will surely miss the missionary experiences he has shared with the world.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Baptized a fearless advocate for the gospel this week! He's amazing!

Hey  ya'll!!!!!                                                                                                           July 1, 2016

This week was full of wonderful surprises! Yesterday was our MLC and it went really well I think. There were a lot of changes that happened. Pretty much the  biggest one was we have completely redesigned our language learning program. It's awesome! Huge shout out to Elder Elliott and Elder Smith. They put in so much effort to get all the resources and make sure it was amazing! It was awesome to be a part of it, even though my role was basically just look at it and talk it over with them. They are so amazing. To make our teaching more effective Elder Liston and I then re-created how we will be doing lesson plans in our mission, while incorporating the new language program. Overall I am feeling really good about it. It is the best way to be finishing out. The mission is doing better than it has in years, having so many miracles and so many people coming unto Christ, as well as new materials and tools to become the most effective teachers than ever before. So we are feeling really good about things :) 
Fearless in sharing the gospel is this new convert!

This week was so fast! I am trying to think about what we did and I can't even remember, it was that fast. Pretty much just moving forward with everything we have. Our investigators are doing well but running into some road blocks. T has been having some problems at home and feels a little helpless and is going to need a little bit more time to learn and grow which is totally ok. H DX is doing well but he still has the problem where he can't accept anything to come from God. Even when God answers his prayer he feels that he can't discern if it's from the spirit or if it's coincidence or what. So we are working on that as well. On the up side our investigator from Vietnam Chen Q He is actual going to be able to stay in Taiwan until next month while she works on some last things here. So she is coming to Church with us tomorrow :)
Last time saying goodbye to these guys. Sad. 

B Dx is doing really well after baptism. He is literally so happy and has such a big desire to share it with everyone he meets. He really inspires me and amazes me at how fearless he is when it comes to sharing the gospel with everyone! I can still learn so much. 

Everyday there are huge miracles! For example, last night a friend we invited a friend to the church to help with a lesson. The investigator actually ended up cancelling but our friend just stayed around the Church. He lives alone and doesn't have much family. Towards the end of the night we were all out there talking and he was sitting on the couch and then suddenly had a really serious seizure. As scary as it was, we were all there and had a doctor on the spot quickly. Everything is ok and he'll be alright, but it just makes me so grateful for all those little details that God knows about our lives. If he hadn't of come to the church he could've really been hurt. 

I love you all, make the most of your week! Love you!

Elder Roe