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Monday, September 29, 2014

Power of a Testimony

Dear Family and Friends,                                                                                             Sept 29, 2014

So this week has of course been eventful. However the more I get to know Nebraska the more I think, wow there are some crazy people in this world. My companion is joking around and telling me that Satan is trying to break me or something because he has never met this many crazy people in one week before!
Pres. and Sister Weston welcomed me with open arms! Love them!

 One slightly funny story is when we introduced ourselves to a pastor of a Church. He looked at us and then just start ripping us a new one! Telling us that we are  CURSED! Seriously I was crying because I was laughing so hard afterwards. We made a point though to shake his hand. I think he was nervous he was gonna get some of the curse though cause he was super hesitant.
I swear this place has Squirrel Infestation!

 Also talked a lot with a man who is convinced that aliens made us and live among us. It is interesting for sure what people believe. However, the main group of people that I talked to this week are atheist.

 From this experience though I gained an even stronger testimony. When talking to one man he told us every reason why there is not a God. That everything that has been an improvement on this earth is because of man. He believes that ultimately we should do away with religion.
Beautiful Sunrise

 As the conversation continued he told us how every single miracle can be explained and scoffed at the idea of "Faith." As much of a blessing as it is a curse, I am a very stubborn person. There was no way that I was gonna leave without telling him something

. So I was desperately asking God "What do I say!?" 

The only thing that I could think of was Tell him what you DO know. So that is what I did. I told him that I KNOW: The church is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, that miracles still  happen, the keystone to life is faith, and that no matter what he said, what he read, or what he has heard, NOTHING can shake what I know. I thought that he would for sure say something to the effect of, your wrong. How can you know that? etc. But he couldn't. He just stood there and looked at me. We have been told that no one can deny a testimony. And I didn't really know that that was true until now. He may still not believe in a God, or that Earth was created by Him, but he knows that I know. So don't be afraid. Every single person on earth can know if they act! I love you all! And hope you have a great week!
Winter Quarters Temple....Monument of Graves of people who perished there trying to make it to Salt Lake City on their trek across the country.

Elder Roe

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello from Nebraska!

Greetings from Omaha!                                                                                      Sept 22, 2014

Wow what a crazy week! So much has happened in such a short amount of time I can't even explain it. The first awesome thing was that we got a great treat right before we left on Tuesday night. We got a personal visit  from Elder Richard G. Scott of the quorum of the twelve! His talk was based all about prayer and the different ways that we can get answer's to our prayers. Which is an awesome missionary topic because I can tell you what. We pray a lot.

Building a retaining wall for a lady. It's dark so we used car lights and
flashlights to see! So fun!

 Then we flew off to Nebraska! I got to sit by a couple of different people on the plane because we got to have connecting flights. It was so neat to get to share about our beliefs and I got to learn about other's as well!

 Then right when we walked out of the gate from the plane there was President and Sister Weston there to greet us! Right from the get go it felt like home. They are incredible people and I already love them. The next two days were full of training and orientation! And of course we went out to a part to proselyte. The firs time was a 

little bit nerve racking. But after that I just thought, who cares they all need to hear from you so be bold! And that's what I have tried to do. And I have got to meet some of the most incredible people I have ever met within just a few days. 

We always were asked in the MTC, how will you respond when you meet people who have had all these awful experiences in life? Such as, Addiction, Atheist, molested, lost family member etc. And I have already met people with one or more of these problems. EVERYONE has had a time in there life that can be healed by the atonement of Christ. That is what we are here to do.

 I can't wait to get to Taiwan (by the way speaking of which, Pres. Day told us that our visas are in the consulate in San Fran) But there is something here for me to do or someone to meet!
miss them! But, we'll meet up sometime down the road!

 I miss my district but we will all meet up later there. I love Nebraska, I love my companion, and more than anything I love God. Because he has truly does answer our prayers. I have already seen so many tender mercies! I love all you, thank you for being the most supportive family and friends anyone could hope for! I feel your love and prayers. Remember don't be afraid to be bold!

Elder Roe

PS I am in Madison's area! I am looking over
her contacts and reaching out to those people. Whenever I mention Sis Harrison, people rave about her....she was a powerful missionary!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Mission Assignment!

Hello all,                                                                                               Sept 9, 2014

Well we finally got our temporary reassignments! So without further adieu, drum roll please!

I have been called to serve in the Nebraska Omaha Mission!!!!! Not at all what I was expecting! I am so stoked!! Elder's Perkins, Humphries, Nielson, Johnson, myself and Sister Strong are  all going together! Some of the other call's are California Carlsbad, where Elder Casper is going. And also Pocatello Idaho, SLC South, St. George! So crazy! I leave next Wednesday at 4:30 AM and the Flight leaves SLC at 8:10 AM then we fly to Dallas and that flight leaves at 1:50 PM. So Yeah it says that our baggage fee's are $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for the Second....whatever that means... well I will try to let you know more soon. I love you all!
Not headed here quite yet! Detour to Nebraska!

Sept 15, 2014

Well sorry everybody, this email has to be a quick one. I know that you are all probably super grateful for that!

 So this Wednesday I will be leaving to Omaha Nebraska! Super stoked, we will be there for a few week's until our visas come through! I know that we are called all over the world because everyone needs to hear this message. Whether it is in Taiwan or if it is in Nebraska! I am super excited to teach where ever I am called to go.
Can't believe my kid sis is gonna be 16!Happy Birthday Boos!

 The message this week is just love everyone. I am stoked to talk to you all on Wednesday! We read this week in Alma where it talks about there souls were greived at the thought of one soul being lost. A mission is such a cultural thing in Utah. You get your call and the whole reason you have everyone over is so that you can show them where you are going. Which really isn't the point. It was a little disappointing to not be able to go to the place I was called immediatley. But when we read this I was reminded of the question.

 Why are you really here?

 The reason I chose to come on a mission was to serve the Lord and teach his people! Not to just go experience another culture. It was a great and humbling experience for me. All 31 of us realize that there is something we have to do out there in this new area and I can't wait to see what it is! Sorry again for the short email! love you all
Port and Bren on one of their adventures!

Elder Roe

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Hello everybody,
                                                                                    Sept 8, 2014
So it is a beautiful day here in Utah. Yes I did say Utah. We did not receive Visa's so we are still here in the MTC. We were told that we will be temporarily reassigned to a stateside mission for 3-4 weeks. However, none of us know where we are going yet. Hopefully they will let us know either tomorrow, or on Wednesday. Even though at first everyone was a little bit disappointed that we would be leaving for Taiwan, we are all good now.
I'll go where you want me to go
 Every day that we are here we are learning something new that will help us in the field. At night I think: I am so happy that I am here in the MTC because there is no way I would have been ready to teach what I taught today to real people haha. There is a sister in my district who made a list of positive things of why it is a good thing that we are waiting. Most of them are comical, but it really helped all of us.
Working and Waiting

Last night for our Devotional we hear from Richard L. Heaton for the 3rd time. It is usually strange for missionaries to hear from the speakers twice. But with our situation we heard him again. It really a privilege. He is a great speaker. It was pretty similar to what he talked about last time. He had recent converts come up and share their story. The question he posed for them to stand before he called on them was, "If you didn't know God before you joined the Church and got converted stand up." Last meeting he spoke at an Elder that he called on was from Salt Lake City Utah. Guess what people? There are those in Utah that don't know God! Go find them! Too often we go through the motions of Church, saying that we have a less active ward. Well, then do something about it. That is probably one of the biggest things I have learned while being here at the MTC. If you don't say anything, nothing will happen. Heavenly Father's love has brought joy to all of us, Dui ma? So why wouldn't you want to share it with someone? The worst thing they can say is no.

 In almost every story of conversion that was shared they said they felt like something was missing from their lives. Also in parallel they said the first thing they felt was overwhelming love. That is what made them want to learn more and come unto Christ. I don't think it was a mere coincidence that the first commandment given by Jesus Christ is: Love me as you love yourself. And the first thing he is willing to give us is his.
Focus on the Word
Sorry that I don't have too much to say this time. The Church is true! What else do you need? haha. Just go to work. I love you all, share Gods love. Talk to ya'll soon!

Elder Roe

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pray our Visas come through!

Hello all,                                                                                                      Sept 1, 2014

Well just to start off, we don't know if we will really be leaving this Friday! We are hoping that our Visa's come through. But if they don't it looks like we will be staying here until next week. Although we are really unsure at the moment. We are packing up a little bit, but don't really know how much to pack because we don't know how long we will be here. Oh well, you xinxin, you banfa (where there's a will there's a way, or where there is faith there is a way)

My District...Love them all!

 This week was a little bit rough, we lost two more of our teachers. With new Districts coming in and BYU starting up, their schedules get a little messed up. So Both Wu and Su Laoshi left us. Needless to say we were all bawling like babies. Especially for Wu Laoshi, because he was our very first investigator. On Day 3 we taught him, so he has seen us from our very best to our very worst. I never thought that I would grow as close to them while I have been here but we really do because they get to see us grow. And a lot of time it's a little painful. Our Chinese is so rough, and I imagine being in their shoes being fluent, oh man I can't imagine how bad they must want to just put the words in our mouths for us haha.

These are the missionaries in our 2 districts.

 The thing that I really learned here at the MTC is that Christ does communicate to us through the scriptures. If we are willing to be diligent to study he will help us understand and learn. There have been so many times that I have no idea where a scripture is but I need it right then and there because I remembered the key phrase and for example I could remember it was in Alma. I would open my scripture and boom there it was. God will help us if we study.
The other thing that we have to do if we want help is to set goals! We have to set reachable goals that will push us! On Tuesday we were hammered about goals, and I loved it! Probably because I am perhaps a little bit too much of a freak when it comes to goal setting. There is really nothing more satisfactory to work towards something, achieve it and then cross it of the list.
 And we cannot compare ourselves to each other. He shared a story where a diver went to a meet and got 9's and 9.5's so he stayed the rest of the time and then didn't get the winning award. The judge told him that yes, he did do a near perfect swan dive, but the winner who only got 5's and 6's had a much more difficult dive and that he really wasn't even close. He had forgotten to factor in the difficulty. In our lives the person who factors in our difficulty is Heavenly Father. So while on the outside someone's life may look great we don't know their inner struggles. He knows how much we can take and he knows how much of that difficulty we can take. So remember "be kind concerning human frailty." I love you all! I am praying for you everyday, go to work! Hopefully the next email will be from Taiwan!

Elder Roe