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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello from Nebraska!

Greetings from Omaha!                                                                                      Sept 22, 2014

Wow what a crazy week! So much has happened in such a short amount of time I can't even explain it. The first awesome thing was that we got a great treat right before we left on Tuesday night. We got a personal visit  from Elder Richard G. Scott of the quorum of the twelve! His talk was based all about prayer and the different ways that we can get answer's to our prayers. Which is an awesome missionary topic because I can tell you what. We pray a lot.

Building a retaining wall for a lady. It's dark so we used car lights and
flashlights to see! So fun!

 Then we flew off to Nebraska! I got to sit by a couple of different people on the plane because we got to have connecting flights. It was so neat to get to share about our beliefs and I got to learn about other's as well!

 Then right when we walked out of the gate from the plane there was President and Sister Weston there to greet us! Right from the get go it felt like home. They are incredible people and I already love them. The next two days were full of training and orientation! And of course we went out to a part to proselyte. The firs time was a 

little bit nerve racking. But after that I just thought, who cares they all need to hear from you so be bold! And that's what I have tried to do. And I have got to meet some of the most incredible people I have ever met within just a few days. 

We always were asked in the MTC, how will you respond when you meet people who have had all these awful experiences in life? Such as, Addiction, Atheist, molested, lost family member etc. And I have already met people with one or more of these problems. EVERYONE has had a time in there life that can be healed by the atonement of Christ. That is what we are here to do.

 I can't wait to get to Taiwan (by the way speaking of which, Pres. Day told us that our visas are in the consulate in San Fran) But there is something here for me to do or someone to meet!
miss them! But, we'll meet up sometime down the road!

 I miss my district but we will all meet up later there. I love Nebraska, I love my companion, and more than anything I love God. Because he has truly does answer our prayers. I have already seen so many tender mercies! I love all you, thank you for being the most supportive family and friends anyone could hope for! I feel your love and prayers. Remember don't be afraid to be bold!

Elder Roe

PS I am in Madison's area! I am looking over
her contacts and reaching out to those people. Whenever I mention Sis Harrison, people rave about her....she was a powerful missionary!

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