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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Americans, Taiwanese and Mexicans, oh my!

Hey ya'll!                                                                                              Aug 25, 2015

What a week. I was thinking recently, a mission is like the weirdest thing to those who don't understand what it really is. I mean who on earth would accept a job where you worked 24 hours a day 7 days a week, plus holidays, required time on waking up, sleeping, studying etc, have another person assigned to you 24/7, no communication with family except a email and Skype twice a year, and to top it all off no salary. Yeah it sounds pretty crazy, but once you understand all that you get out of it you realize that you are getting "paid" too much, and the work that you put in never equals what you get on of it. Because what you get out of it far outweighs anything you will ever do. Weird concept huh. That's how I felt like this week was. We worked our tails off. I have never been so tired and happy. And our area is doing really well. God is blessing us so much. He knows I need all the help I can get :)
Had fun playing sports with my Buddy

This week I would say that the highlight would probably be 黃. This week we met with her and had a great lesson. This lesson we really wanted to focus on setting a firm date with her to be baptized. We talked to her about what things would be hard for her, or what experiences she would need in order be baptized. And to be honest her list was pretty minimal. The only thing that she really wanted was a testimony of what we are teaching. That's pretty simple, and I was thinking "we can work with that :)"
Quite the awesome view from on top of Taipei 101!!!!
 She set a firm date for September 12 and I really really think that she can make it! She is very diligent. For example I called her this week and invited her to Church, but she originally had stuff, then I encouraged her that if she comes she can continue to come unto Christ and she will be able to gain a testimony, so she dropped all the other stuff and she came... for the whole three hours! It was great and she really enjoyed it! We are meeting with her tonight and sharing the commandments. I think that it will go really smoothly though because her son is already baptized she has a pretty good idea of what they are and what we believe. So that should be good, keep us in your prayers.

This week we also got two new investigators who are really great and we are excited to start working with them! Although one of our investigators who we met a couple of weeks ago we finally got to meet with this week. She is.... interesting. She believes that there might be a demon possessing her. And hears things... so we are addressing that. She is really nice though and is doing all she can to get better. This week she scheduled an appointment at a really good hospital to see what they can do since this problem has been recent. I hope that she will be able to get the help she needs and feel peace.
Such a cool opportunity with these people!!!! Got to go all the way to the top of Taipei 101!!!

Today we had a really neat experience that was super tender. Today Taipei 101 had a deal and the tickets were buy one get one free. So we went with some members and missionaries to go to the top! While we were driving up I saw a group of people from South America. Ya'll know how I like that! Anyway while we were outside waiting for others to come a few came up to us and said "Hey, we are from Mexico and we are members!" Then that was followed by very enthusiastic handshakes and hugs. When we got inside we met the rest of the group and they were all so stoked! 32 in all and every single one was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was so awesome to see the love and comradely among us all. Despite language, culture, country and oceans the love of the gospel knits our hearts all together as brothers and sisters of our Heavenly Father. The Church is true, and it changes the world! I love you all! 
Way to go Brenna, getting honored for earning the YW medallion!  Keep up the good work!

Elder Roe

Monday, August 17, 2015

Tapping into the Enabling Power of the Atonement!

Hello Western World,                                                                                  Aug. 17, 2015

Well this week was good but also a little bit slow. Don't really know why but sometimes that is just the way things go. As for transfers, thought I would for sure be leaving MuZha but, the Lord is Merciful. So I will be staying here for now at least 5 transfers. I am pretty excited I really feel like we are going to see miracles this transfer.
Dusk in Taiwan, what a view!

 The last transfer was mostly spend trying to find investigators, now we have a few that I really think can progress and move forward to baptism! Keep us in your prayers! Yesterday our ward did have a baptism though! It was the Sister's investigator. I did her interview, she is a super funny lady and will be a great addition to our ward. The biggest change this transfer was that our sister companionship is now a tri- companionship. crazy! Our ward is stoked to see more and more missionaries!

These banks were overflowing during the storm!
Still a lot of destruction from the typhoon
Fun celebration dinner group

Last week I told you that we did go do the finding activity in the park with our ward and I would tell you more about it this week. It was so much fun. At the beginning I was a little bit nervous just because whenever you have lots of members that have never done anything like this, sometimes it's interesting.... But it went really well. The members all loved it! They felt the fire and the joy of sharing the gospel with others! It was also humbling for me. There were many who at the beginning felt a little bit frustrated. Not knowing what to do or how to share. The reason was because like 90% of our ward are converts and have never had a opportunity like this. We talked about that and probably next week sometime we are doing a training on ways we can share the gospel with others it will be really great. 

So happy to see my best friends.
Something fun this week was to celebrate the end of transfers. A member took us up to Mao Kong to eat dinner. We are so blessed to have that in our area it is beautiful! It had just finished a huge storm. So it gave us a beautiful view of Taipei.
Had a fun visit with this little man.

Something that I wanted to share with you this week is what I have learned about the atonement. I really feel that in the last couple of days I have grown closer to my Savior than I have been for a long time on my mission. I think that sometimes we have really spiritual experiences and then we forget to do the little things to continue to develop that relationship. Anyway, something that I have started to do recently that has really changed me has been my nightly prayer. At the end of the day when I kneel down to pray I go over the day and I look at the areas where I have lacked, where I wish I could have improved, or where I didn't fulfill the potential the Lord had in mind for me. I really feel the weight of falling short. Then I do something I have never done before. But I very sincerely repent to God, I can picture the Savior in the Garden paying for my sins and mistakes and shortcomings. And I receive a spirit of peace. It's like every night he comes in and lifts that burden off of me. Then the next morning it's like I have a clean slate. To feel the power of the atonement so powerfully every night has really changed me. I feel SO grateful to my Savior. It puts everything in perspective. After my prayer, I don't have any worries. The only thing on my mind is giving the Lord my very best, and trying to love and serve those around me no matter what the circumstance. The gospel of Jesus Christ is as real as it is true.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!!
What a view of Taipei at night! Loved it.

Elder Roe
PS Shout out to my man, Riley Herzog.... Elder Herzog this week! You are going to be a great missionary and just know I am thinking about you this week. Thanks for everything Ri.

Monday, August 10, 2015

I survived Typhoon Soudelor

Hello to all,                                                                                             August 10, 2015

Well in case you didn't hear... we had a Typhoon this week. Just cause that part doesn't really matter much I will be fast. In consisted of Rain, Wind, and lasted about 25 hours. And... I was scared haha. There has been quite a bit of destruction but every missionary in Taiwan is safe. I know God was really looking over us!
One powerful storm. Bamboo tree rooted up.

This week was really great! We had our interviews with Pres. Jergensen which was great. Also the typhoon turned out to be to our advantage because it makes it a lot easier to get into people's homes. This week were were out biking and it was raining when we ran into Huang Li. He invited us to come upstairs, which was a great opportunity to talk to Huang Mama. Last time we met we weren't able to finish sharing with here the Plan of Salvation.
Daisy Lin photos of before and after Typhoon
 I asked here how the reading was going since I had given here specific scriptures everyday on a planner thing. She told me she read all of them in one day, then she said she just kept reading complaining that I don't give here enough to read! That's what I like to hear :) Then she started asking a TON of questions about life all relating to the Plan of Salvation. We just ended up teaching her the rest right there. She really enjoyed learning about it, but at the end was just like: "Well it's pretty close to what Buddhist's believe, with reincarnation and all."
 We started talking a bit about that and then I testified about one thing that really hit home with both of us. I asked how she can confirm that, that religion is true? She said, well I can read 佛經, (the Buddhist bible) Then I asked if she could pray and get a answer that it was true? If their God would really answer her? She said that she had never actually heard of this happening to anyone. Then I told here that I knew that if she read and prayed about the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart that God would INDEED answer her. She committed, came to church, and we are meeting again tonight
Blown window from Typhoon. My friend's adorable daughter
More destruction...thanks Wanda for the photo
Nasa's view of Typhoon Soudelor

Even though I have testified of that fact for a long time, that moment it really rang true for me. The most unique part of our Church is the tangible evidence backing up the divinity and authority, it is irrefutable. The Church is true! And anyone can do their part to know it is true. 

Also yesterday we went with our member's up to go finding for that big activity. It was a lot of fun and we had some success! But my time is up for today so I will have to tell you more about that next week! :) Love you all! Keep the faith!

Elder Roe

That was one big Typhoon :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

A wonderful new investigator to cap off a great week!

Hello to you all,                                                                                             Aug. 3, 2015


Just thought I would start of with a Chinese nursery rhyme. Anyway now that that's all done with, how are ya'll!? Everyone have a good week? First off I gotta give a shout-out to one of my main girls Courtney Funk! Soon to be Hermana Funk aka: the best missionary ever! Thanks for your support and go tear it up in Mexico!

This week was so good! You already heard about most of it since we had temple week on Wednesday so all I have to talk about it Thursday to Sunday. Which was great! In that time we were able to meet three awesome people that are now investigators! There is one that I want to share a bit about which is Q 邱阿伯. So Q taught me a really good lesson this week. Which would be don't judge a book by it's cover. So something I have kind of got into a (bad) habit of has to do with the A'gongs and A'mas of Taiwan. Usually when I see a old Taiwanese grandma I just kinda don't waste too much time, usually because they don't speak Mandarin and also because they are usually the most devout Buddhist that you can find.
 Anyway Tues. last week we ran into Qiu Dx, or I guess I should probably say that he ran into us. He started talking our ears off and just kept showing me all these pictures of Buddhist temples and such and would only talk about reincarnation. Basically, I was just really tired and was like "Paisei, 阿伯,我們趕時間,有可能我們可以給你我們的電話然後你有興趣的話你可以跟我聯絡,好 不好。" So after we gave him the number I thought we probs wouldn't hear from him again.
My newfound friend! He is amazing!
 But Thurs. night he calls me and tells me that on Friday night he has time. So we set up with him for Friday night and met up at the Chapel. He was so adorable! Seriously he took a picture of everything, even the Hymn book. During our lesson we talked about Christ and how Baptism is a way that we come closer to God and all of our sins are taken away. He said he really had a desire to have this and learn more about Jesus Christ. Then he set a baptismal date! He smiled so big! It was pretty cute since he only has like 4 bottom teeth. I learned that everyone is different and regardless of age we need to talk with everyone. Which is something I try to do it's just that sometimes I have that 看法 that the old people are just gonna 不用 me. 

This next week is gonna be great. We have worked with the Stake Pres. and Bishop and have planned an activity where we are going to go to a place in our area and a have a HUGE ward activity where we introduce ourselves to lots of people and get our members involved in missionary work. We missionaries will be taking them out with us contacting while in the park they have games and stuff for the kids and if people are interested they can ask them more about our church. Then we are going to do service and clean up the park. So I think it will be lots of fun and really successful! Keep us in your prayers! 

Well that's about it for now. I hope that you all have a great week! I love you!

Elder Roe