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Monday, August 10, 2015

I survived Typhoon Soudelor

Hello to all,                                                                                             August 10, 2015

Well in case you didn't hear... we had a Typhoon this week. Just cause that part doesn't really matter much I will be fast. In consisted of Rain, Wind, and lasted about 25 hours. And... I was scared haha. There has been quite a bit of destruction but every missionary in Taiwan is safe. I know God was really looking over us!
One powerful storm. Bamboo tree rooted up.

This week was really great! We had our interviews with Pres. Jergensen which was great. Also the typhoon turned out to be to our advantage because it makes it a lot easier to get into people's homes. This week were were out biking and it was raining when we ran into Huang Li. He invited us to come upstairs, which was a great opportunity to talk to Huang Mama. Last time we met we weren't able to finish sharing with here the Plan of Salvation.
Daisy Lin photos of before and after Typhoon
 I asked here how the reading was going since I had given here specific scriptures everyday on a planner thing. She told me she read all of them in one day, then she said she just kept reading complaining that I don't give here enough to read! That's what I like to hear :) Then she started asking a TON of questions about life all relating to the Plan of Salvation. We just ended up teaching her the rest right there. She really enjoyed learning about it, but at the end was just like: "Well it's pretty close to what Buddhist's believe, with reincarnation and all."
 We started talking a bit about that and then I testified about one thing that really hit home with both of us. I asked how she can confirm that, that religion is true? She said, well I can read 佛經, (the Buddhist bible) Then I asked if she could pray and get a answer that it was true? If their God would really answer her? She said that she had never actually heard of this happening to anyone. Then I told here that I knew that if she read and prayed about the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart that God would INDEED answer her. She committed, came to church, and we are meeting again tonight
Blown window from Typhoon. My friend's adorable daughter
More destruction...thanks Wanda for the photo
Nasa's view of Typhoon Soudelor

Even though I have testified of that fact for a long time, that moment it really rang true for me. The most unique part of our Church is the tangible evidence backing up the divinity and authority, it is irrefutable. The Church is true! And anyone can do their part to know it is true. 

Also yesterday we went with our member's up to go finding for that big activity. It was a lot of fun and we had some success! But my time is up for today so I will have to tell you more about that next week! :) Love you all! Keep the faith!

Elder Roe

That was one big Typhoon :)

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