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Monday, August 3, 2015

A wonderful new investigator to cap off a great week!

Hello to you all,                                                                                             Aug. 3, 2015


Just thought I would start of with a Chinese nursery rhyme. Anyway now that that's all done with, how are ya'll!? Everyone have a good week? First off I gotta give a shout-out to one of my main girls Courtney Funk! Soon to be Hermana Funk aka: the best missionary ever! Thanks for your support and go tear it up in Mexico!

This week was so good! You already heard about most of it since we had temple week on Wednesday so all I have to talk about it Thursday to Sunday. Which was great! In that time we were able to meet three awesome people that are now investigators! There is one that I want to share a bit about which is Q 邱阿伯. So Q taught me a really good lesson this week. Which would be don't judge a book by it's cover. So something I have kind of got into a (bad) habit of has to do with the A'gongs and A'mas of Taiwan. Usually when I see a old Taiwanese grandma I just kinda don't waste too much time, usually because they don't speak Mandarin and also because they are usually the most devout Buddhist that you can find.
 Anyway Tues. last week we ran into Qiu Dx, or I guess I should probably say that he ran into us. He started talking our ears off and just kept showing me all these pictures of Buddhist temples and such and would only talk about reincarnation. Basically, I was just really tired and was like "Paisei, 阿伯,我們趕時間,有可能我們可以給你我們的電話然後你有興趣的話你可以跟我聯絡,好 不好。" So after we gave him the number I thought we probs wouldn't hear from him again.
My newfound friend! He is amazing!
 But Thurs. night he calls me and tells me that on Friday night he has time. So we set up with him for Friday night and met up at the Chapel. He was so adorable! Seriously he took a picture of everything, even the Hymn book. During our lesson we talked about Christ and how Baptism is a way that we come closer to God and all of our sins are taken away. He said he really had a desire to have this and learn more about Jesus Christ. Then he set a baptismal date! He smiled so big! It was pretty cute since he only has like 4 bottom teeth. I learned that everyone is different and regardless of age we need to talk with everyone. Which is something I try to do it's just that sometimes I have that 看法 that the old people are just gonna 不用 me. 

This next week is gonna be great. We have worked with the Stake Pres. and Bishop and have planned an activity where we are going to go to a place in our area and a have a HUGE ward activity where we introduce ourselves to lots of people and get our members involved in missionary work. We missionaries will be taking them out with us contacting while in the park they have games and stuff for the kids and if people are interested they can ask them more about our church. Then we are going to do service and clean up the park. So I think it will be lots of fun and really successful! Keep us in your prayers! 

Well that's about it for now. I hope that you all have a great week! I love you!

Elder Roe

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