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Monday, September 29, 2014

Power of a Testimony

Dear Family and Friends,                                                                                             Sept 29, 2014

So this week has of course been eventful. However the more I get to know Nebraska the more I think, wow there are some crazy people in this world. My companion is joking around and telling me that Satan is trying to break me or something because he has never met this many crazy people in one week before!
Pres. and Sister Weston welcomed me with open arms! Love them!

 One slightly funny story is when we introduced ourselves to a pastor of a Church. He looked at us and then just start ripping us a new one! Telling us that we are  CURSED! Seriously I was crying because I was laughing so hard afterwards. We made a point though to shake his hand. I think he was nervous he was gonna get some of the curse though cause he was super hesitant.
I swear this place has Squirrel Infestation!

 Also talked a lot with a man who is convinced that aliens made us and live among us. It is interesting for sure what people believe. However, the main group of people that I talked to this week are atheist.

 From this experience though I gained an even stronger testimony. When talking to one man he told us every reason why there is not a God. That everything that has been an improvement on this earth is because of man. He believes that ultimately we should do away with religion.
Beautiful Sunrise

 As the conversation continued he told us how every single miracle can be explained and scoffed at the idea of "Faith." As much of a blessing as it is a curse, I am a very stubborn person. There was no way that I was gonna leave without telling him something

. So I was desperately asking God "What do I say!?" 

The only thing that I could think of was Tell him what you DO know. So that is what I did. I told him that I KNOW: The church is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, that miracles still  happen, the keystone to life is faith, and that no matter what he said, what he read, or what he has heard, NOTHING can shake what I know. I thought that he would for sure say something to the effect of, your wrong. How can you know that? etc. But he couldn't. He just stood there and looked at me. We have been told that no one can deny a testimony. And I didn't really know that that was true until now. He may still not believe in a God, or that Earth was created by Him, but he knows that I know. So don't be afraid. Every single person on earth can know if they act! I love you all! And hope you have a great week!
Winter Quarters Temple....Monument of Graves of people who perished there trying to make it to Salt Lake City on their trek across the country.

Elder Roe

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  1. Elder Roe,

    It was great having you in Nebraska. Hopefully your flight will be uneventful with no silly clowns (LOL).

    You are a dynamic missionary. Stay strong, have courage and serve with all your might! So proud of you!

    Best wishes,
    The Foreman family (Bellevue, NE)
    (Hello to Elder Perkins)