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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Hello everybody,
                                                                                    Sept 8, 2014
So it is a beautiful day here in Utah. Yes I did say Utah. We did not receive Visa's so we are still here in the MTC. We were told that we will be temporarily reassigned to a stateside mission for 3-4 weeks. However, none of us know where we are going yet. Hopefully they will let us know either tomorrow, or on Wednesday. Even though at first everyone was a little bit disappointed that we would be leaving for Taiwan, we are all good now.
I'll go where you want me to go
 Every day that we are here we are learning something new that will help us in the field. At night I think: I am so happy that I am here in the MTC because there is no way I would have been ready to teach what I taught today to real people haha. There is a sister in my district who made a list of positive things of why it is a good thing that we are waiting. Most of them are comical, but it really helped all of us.
Working and Waiting

Last night for our Devotional we hear from Richard L. Heaton for the 3rd time. It is usually strange for missionaries to hear from the speakers twice. But with our situation we heard him again. It really a privilege. He is a great speaker. It was pretty similar to what he talked about last time. He had recent converts come up and share their story. The question he posed for them to stand before he called on them was, "If you didn't know God before you joined the Church and got converted stand up." Last meeting he spoke at an Elder that he called on was from Salt Lake City Utah. Guess what people? There are those in Utah that don't know God! Go find them! Too often we go through the motions of Church, saying that we have a less active ward. Well, then do something about it. That is probably one of the biggest things I have learned while being here at the MTC. If you don't say anything, nothing will happen. Heavenly Father's love has brought joy to all of us, Dui ma? So why wouldn't you want to share it with someone? The worst thing they can say is no.

 In almost every story of conversion that was shared they said they felt like something was missing from their lives. Also in parallel they said the first thing they felt was overwhelming love. That is what made them want to learn more and come unto Christ. I don't think it was a mere coincidence that the first commandment given by Jesus Christ is: Love me as you love yourself. And the first thing he is willing to give us is his.
Focus on the Word
Sorry that I don't have too much to say this time. The Church is true! What else do you need? haha. Just go to work. I love you all, share Gods love. Talk to ya'll soon!

Elder Roe

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