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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Baptized a fearless advocate for the gospel this week! He's amazing!

Hey  ya'll!!!!!                                                                                                           July 1, 2016

This week was full of wonderful surprises! Yesterday was our MLC and it went really well I think. There were a lot of changes that happened. Pretty much the  biggest one was we have completely redesigned our language learning program. It's awesome! Huge shout out to Elder Elliott and Elder Smith. They put in so much effort to get all the resources and make sure it was amazing! It was awesome to be a part of it, even though my role was basically just look at it and talk it over with them. They are so amazing. To make our teaching more effective Elder Liston and I then re-created how we will be doing lesson plans in our mission, while incorporating the new language program. Overall I am feeling really good about it. It is the best way to be finishing out. The mission is doing better than it has in years, having so many miracles and so many people coming unto Christ, as well as new materials and tools to become the most effective teachers than ever before. So we are feeling really good about things :) 
Fearless in sharing the gospel is this new convert!

This week was so fast! I am trying to think about what we did and I can't even remember, it was that fast. Pretty much just moving forward with everything we have. Our investigators are doing well but running into some road blocks. T has been having some problems at home and feels a little helpless and is going to need a little bit more time to learn and grow which is totally ok. H DX is doing well but he still has the problem where he can't accept anything to come from God. Even when God answers his prayer he feels that he can't discern if it's from the spirit or if it's coincidence or what. So we are working on that as well. On the up side our investigator from Vietnam Chen Q He is actual going to be able to stay in Taiwan until next month while she works on some last things here. So she is coming to Church with us tomorrow :)
Last time saying goodbye to these guys. Sad. 

B Dx is doing really well after baptism. He is literally so happy and has such a big desire to share it with everyone he meets. He really inspires me and amazes me at how fearless he is when it comes to sharing the gospel with everyone! I can still learn so much. 

Everyday there are huge miracles! For example, last night a friend we invited a friend to the church to help with a lesson. The investigator actually ended up cancelling but our friend just stayed around the Church. He lives alone and doesn't have much family. Towards the end of the night we were all out there talking and he was sitting on the couch and then suddenly had a really serious seizure. As scary as it was, we were all there and had a doctor on the spot quickly. Everything is ok and he'll be alright, but it just makes me so grateful for all those little details that God knows about our lives. If he hadn't of come to the church he could've really been hurt. 

I love you all, make the most of your week! Love you!

Elder Roe

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