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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Train trips this week....still going strong!

Hey ya'll!                                                                                                  June 27, 2016

This last week was one that was full of travel, and also a lot of miracles. For starters on Monday we were on exchanges. I was with Elder Luther who is so awesome! I learned so much from that guy, he is going to do amazing things in the south zone! Then on Tuesday we went to district meeting, I got to go back to MuZha chapel for the meeting which was so fun!

Prepping for our teaching at Zone Conferences
Got these pics from the a member there in Taiwan...so fun to see Elder Roe actually teaching in Zone Conference!!!

Then on Wednesday we had our Zone Conference with the Central and East zones. I think it went well. Probably just as good as the other ones, at least I didn't think it was much different. Right after the meeting we hopped on a train and headed off to Hualien! :)
Enjoying our pday at the beautiful beach...this is as far as we are allowed to go into the water.
Beautiful shot of the Elders on the beach

 We got there Wednesday night, and on Thursday we exchanged with Elder's Humphries and Miner. I was with Elder Miner, I love him so much! He was super impressive and I learned so much from him. We saw a ton of miracles! We had a afternoon full of finding and we found  5 of the most prepared people ever! So awesome! But holy hannah it is so hot down there. Literally we sweat buckets.Then Friday morning we played Frisbee with the Taidong and Hualien zones which was super intense
Feeling at home near the water!

. Then afterward had Zone Conference. It was different in a way since there weren't so many missionaries, it went well and we had a good experience. It was a good way to end the conferences. After the meeting we hopped on another train and went to Taidong. I was on exchanges with my already long time friend Elder Magness! I love him so much as well! (lot's of love this week) We had a great time and worked hard. We found some awesome people, he told me last night they met with one of the people we met and she brought her friend and is doing really well. So I'm excited to see where that will go. That night (saturday) we hopped on the last train and came back to Taibei. Home at last. 
One of my most favorite women in Taiwan!!! She's so good to me.
Had a great lunch from these ladies!

Sunday morning we had Brother Bian's baptism! It was awesome! He invited friends both non-member and LA. It went really smooth and he was so happy! I have pics of his baptism but not on me today. I'll send them next week! After that we had Church and had 7 of our investigators there which was busy but a miracle since we weren't here at all this last week. Brother Huang came back to church! (remind me to tell you about him)

Overall life is going well! Super awesome stuff is happening over on this side of the world. I hope your all doing well! I love you and miss you! 

Elder Roe

The grandma was 100 years old! 

Met some incredible people on exchanges this week!!! 100 year old Ama!

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