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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dragon Boat Celebration and Miracles

Hello America,                                                                                         June 10, 2016

This week was one full of trainings The week after the  transfer is always a fun one. Now everyone is in their new areas, with new companions and trying to get to adjust to all the change, so fun!

 This week we had a meeting with the new English Unit Leaders and District leaders and then the trainer/trainee follow-up meeting. I felt like the District Leader training finally went well for once. Each time I have done it, I felt it wasn't great or super engaging. But this time we had lots of great discussion and I feel like they left the meeting feeling like, "I know what I"m doing." The District Leaders are SO important! They really make or break it for their District.
Celebrating with friends at the Dragon Boat Celebration 

The  trainer/trainee follow-up meeting is by far my favorite meeting that we do. It is always really tender, especially for the new young missionaries. After 6 weeks the initial adrenaline has kind of faded a bit, and they have come across some challenges. It's a great thing to watch them as they come through the struggle and learn and grow. The time we had switched it up and I got to stay with the trainees the whole time and hear how they were doing. It was a blast to year about those early mission struggles, the heat, the culture, rejection, comp. relations, and worst; the language. I guess the good thing was I could tell them, "it does get better!" But this group is awesome and they have already learned so much. They will be just fine.
Treated ourselves to Texas Roadhouse this week. Yeah, we're fatties.

This week we have seen so much success/improvement from our investigator Bro. B卞 He was just 下定決心 determined to be baptized. It has been so fun teaching him. He has already invited a ton of friends to his baptism including some LA's that were members when he was in High School, he is seriously so awesome!

Two other quick miracles. First was on exchanges two days ago, on the way home we met this guy named L Y 盧毅 from Macau. He is so great! We were biking and he was on a bike too. So I started talking to him as we biked and then told him our Chapel was like two minutes away and asked if he wanted to see it. So he biked over there with us and we taught him a small lesson and set him up for Saturday night. Then yesterday night I was biking somewhere else and ran into him again! So we stopped and talked, and talked a lot about the gospel and how it blesses our lives. It was so great, he loved it and he loves us. He is going to be one of my best friends! 
This guy is going to be one of my best friends!

Last thing. Yesterday we got a call from the temple front desk saying there was a man here we could teach, and needed some help. Apparently he came in and said "My wife told me I needed to leave the house, and repent. So here I am." Anyway we taught  him, it was one of the weirdest lessons I have ever taught. His wife called during the lesson and I got to talk to her which answered a lot of questions. He is a big alcoholic, and I'll tell you what, he was drunker than a skunk. Like so bad. He was soooo out of it. Yet also really "there." It was interesting. I think we were able to get through a little bit, I was pretty blunt (as usual) and told him since he was so drunk there was no way he would be able to learn anything and he needed to come back tomorrow sober. So he said he would and I set up the appointment in his phone so he wouldn't forget and I guess we will see what happens. I really hope he comes and we can turn his life back around and get it on the right track. 

I love you all! Have a fantastic week! 

Elder Roe

Look at this 帥哥 
Happy 20th Birthday Porter.....hope you got one of these...your favorite Mango Smoothie!!!!!

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