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Taiwan Flag

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Miracles are the word of the week!

Howdy to the western hemisphere!                                                                 Sept. 28, 2015

 How is the weather over there. There is a typhoon here today so that makes the weather really lame and windy! But I hope everyone had a great week!
Taiwan after a storm earlier this year

Everything here in 土城 is great! This week was really interesting. Full of so many miracles, this area is seriously so prepared! This week we found so many investigators! A grad total of 10! Some of them are 還好 But so many of them I think of a lot of potential! As Elder Elliot and I  were walking back to our bikes one day I was telling him, "our live's are soooo weird  we just walk around all day in the rain with really no destination talking to everyone we see." Haha But what we do means a lot more, we focus a lot more on the journey than the destination. 
Typhoon Dijuan. It was a super typhoon! Not quite as strong as the last one but devastating.

This week TJ progressed a lot. Her original date was in the end of October  but we talked to her about it and she was super willing to move it up. She she will hopefully be baptized in the middle of October so we are really looking forward to that! 
Banks of the river Xindian River in Taipei City on Tuesday

Also miracles are happening back in MuZha! I just found out that W DX and WU DX are both going to be baptized this coming Sat.! I will most likely get to go back and see them be baptized, I am so excited for them! They are both great and I can't wait to see them! Life is so great! 
Life is so great right now! I couldn't be happier! What a blessing this mission is!!!

Well other than that there isn't to much to report. I hope ya'll have a great week! 

Elder Roe

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