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Monday, October 5, 2015

How great will be your JOY!!

Hello world,                                                                                         OCT. 5, 2015

This week was so busy! So much fun though. It was seriously just not stop all day, everyday. Every single day we had a different activity or meeting so that made it go really fast. But yeah. I will try and give you the whole thing really basically.

So somethings that happened this week, started off with a crazy typhoon, so we had to stay inside a lot so that was a little annoying haha.

Then we had our Mission Leadership Conference which was a blast! So great to see so many friends especially since the majority is from my generation. We had some really great trainings that really had a strong impact. Especially on baptism. I think we are definitely re- motivated to do better. I loved it all! There was a lot of change too! So much in the mission will be different after this week when we go to Zone Conference and announce all the changes so I am really looking forward to that. 
This little family IS going to be stellar members of our church!!!

The best part of the week was by far on Saturday. I was able to go back to 木柵 and baptize 王 and 吳. It was by far the best experience of my mission so far 之一. To see the whole ward again was so much fun! It was like a family reunion. Everything went to smooth and the service was so great! The speakers were great and sincere, the primary kids sang, sort of. And they were both baptized the first time which makes it even better.
Sweetest experience of my mission thus far!
 I feel like it is such a huge privilege to be here, to serve here, and to meet so many great people. The only downer was that Elder Alder had moved two days before so I didn't get to see him so I was bummed about that. But he moved to the promised land so I'm pretty jealous haha. 

The night after the baptism I got to see them at the big fireside for RC's.(Recent Converts) Luckily Jewel spoke. And she blew everyone out of the water. It was so cool! I was just like "yeah I taught them." So fun! 

 Then we met with our Investigator TJ we met with her to finish up the commandments and we were sharing the ones that are usually the hardest ones to accept: Tithing, Fasting/fast offerings. But she being her super great self accepted them whole heartedly! So that was a relief and big blessing!

So overall it was a pretty great week! Life is great! Hope everyone is doing well! 

Elder Roe

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