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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The sacred ordinance of Baptism...what does it mean to you?

Happy Monday!                                                                        October 12, 2015

Oh and to my Nephew: 祝你生日快樂你帥哥! Hope it was a great birthday! I am sure it was a busy week, it sure was over here. As for the Asian world is concerned this week we were finally able to watch General Conference! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! At first we had a bit of a scare though, they downloaded it for us but not in English! I mean don't get me wrong I love Chinese and all but when it comes to General Conference you go native language every time. But through some miracles we got the English Version and were able to watch it all. I loved listening to all of the inspired talks and messages. The Church is so true! It was so inspired and full of awesomeness.

This week started off really good with our Zone Conference. I think the best part was a training we did on baptism. Everyone was invited to read 2 Nephi 31 and ponder about baptism. The interesting part was to specifically thing about baptism and what it means to you as a individual. We started with anyone who wanted to share their insight and then watched a video. The video was put together by the 傳道部 where they got pictures of everyone from when they were baptized. For some missionaries that was 8 years old and for others that was 20+. It was so cool to see everyone dressed in white about to enter into a sacred covenant with the Lord. 
Eldon and Porter the day Porter was baptized
Eldon and Porter the day Porter entered the MTC
Then we had the companionship break off into groups and share with their companionship the feelings they had, had and any memories that they had of their baptism. That was the best part. It was so awesome to look around the room and be able to see all of the missionaries tenderly share about what baptism has meant to them. Especially when we ask ourselves the question, where would I be without baptism? It really changes your perspective. Especially as missionaries I think that sometimes we forget the sacredness and great blessing baptism is, because we aren't careful and forget what it has meant to us. I shared with our Zone some of my thoughts. Which were that of all those that have lived on earth and on the earth today, think of how great of a blessing it is to be able to have grown up with the restored gospel and have the opportunity to be one of the Lord's missionaries. I am sure that in our pre-earth life we did not care much for how much money we would have, what our job would be, or where we would live. All that we cared about was the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because without out it, we are unable to attain the highest degree of Glory that our merciful Heavenly Father has in store for us.
I love these people!! My Mission Leader Zone Conference
 I am sure that if there was any envy that was going on in heaven it was to be blessed enough to be in the situation that we are all in at this exact moment. In regard to that thought, what do we do with this great blessing? How do we show God our thanks? Do we wake up at 6:30 willingly with a attitude of thanksgiving? Do we go out to contact people in the heat and the typhoons with smiles on our face and the spirit in our hearts? Do we study the scriptures out of pure desire to learn more of Christ and draw closer to him? Or do not? Are we a waste? I know that all of us have all been guilty of the things listed above, but regardless we can change. I think of those I have been able to meet and whose lives have changed because of the gospel and I can't help but think where I would be without out them.
 I hope that at the start of a new month after General conference we can see the areas we can all improve in and then act. As for myself, I don't want to be a waste or a disappointment to my Heavenly Father, who has put very much faith and trust in me. He has in all of us. We can't really afford to fall short. But when we do, aren't we grateful there is repentance, something I have to do a lot of daily. haha

I hope that ya'll have a incredible week. The church is true! I love you all and am praying for you always!

Elder Roe 
This is at the MLC, everybody in this pic is in my generation I love them so much!

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