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Monday, October 19, 2015

Being grateful in our circumstance brings happiness

Hello beautifuls!                                                                                   Oct. 19, 2015

My legs feel like Jell-O. First I guess I can start off with the best thing that happened this week 之一. I GOT MY BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally! No more riding on strangers bikes :) Seriously whenever I get it after I move it's like my best friend just showed up. Unfortunately he didn't get here without any battle scars. Yup, had a nice big flat. So that was a little depressing, but I got that all fixed and added some good ole' oil and it's as good as new. For the most part. There is still a little bit of knocking in the back that I gotta figure out cause it's driving me nuts. But anyway enough about my bike. 
Porter finding time to enjoy the ride

The real reason that my legs hurt is because I went on Exchanges this week in XinZhuang with one of my favs Elder Liston. We had a blast but oh man, there are some hills over that way. But we had a super duper good time and are loving life. 

As for TuCheng, this week was pretty good. Good and bad news. TJ passed her interview! But she is going on a business trip and will be out of the Country so we have to move it to next week but that is okay! Also C J from my last area is getting baptized so this Saturday I get to back to MuZha again! Super stoked. 

This week was full of learning experiences. I got to talk with lots of missionaries about what it means to be a consecrated missionary. It's still a lot in the thought process. But it is such a important thing. I really hope that I can be the missionary that God wants me to be.
Pretty place with the culture showing through

Also had some of my RC's and members from my first area come and eat dinner with me, we had a blast! I love them all so much! 
Asian architecture is so interesting and beautiful

Yesterday we visited an awesome member! He is 87 but could run faster than me and can do some stretches better than Aggie cheerleaders. He speaks Japanese since he is the older generation and then his next best language is Tiayu and then Mandarin... so communication was interesting but it was amazing what the gift of tongues can do.
A great example of happiness and humility
 He lives in such humble circumstances, but was the happiest most grateful person I have met. I think we can all learn from his great example. Well that was about the week, it's a wrap I love you all! 

Elder Roe

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