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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

LOVE changes everything

Hey everybody,                                                                                              Oct. 28, 2015

Sorry this week has been a little bit nuts. For example emailing on Wednesday. Today is our temple day, I am soooo stoked!!!!! I feel like time on the mission goes so fast! But as for temple day the time in between feels like an eternity. So needless to say I will enjoy my time today.
Sweet Sweet Experience!!!
 Last week was crazy busy with some exchanges. We had a blast as I went with Elder Magness and Elder Andeline, both of whom I love to pieces! I learned so much from the both of them. Then this week, we had interviews with President Jergensen. I love that man so much, he is so called of the Lord. I felt bad  though I went in there with so many questions I probably made him so exhausted. My bad. Then we went on exchanges with the assistants which was pretty fun. I could never be in the office. I only had to stay in there for like 3 hours and I was dying to get out and talk to some people. We met some really awesome people though that I am hoping that will be willing to meet with them.
Back with my friends in MuZha!!

Also last week was so great! I got the privilege of going back to 木柵 again  to baptize 陳姐妹. She was so great! So excited and just radiating light! I was so happy for her and her testimony was soooo touching!

 She just talked about the influence the Church has had on her son and how when she saw how much they loved him even though they were these 18-19 year old foreigners how touching that was. It was they key to her being willing to listen to the missionaries and take the lessons. She was so humble and admitted that there were still parts of the gospel that she didn't completely understand but that she had faith she would be  able to gain a testimony of it all through obedience to the gospel. That's what I'm talking about!

Love you all,

Elder Porter Roe

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