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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

An Unexpected and Tearful Goodbye

Sept. 14, 2015
Hello to you all,

A TEARFUL GOODBYE! We got a brief message from Elder Roe this week that informed us that he had an unexpected phone call from the mission president on Sat. let him know he was moving even though it wasn't transfers for another 2 weeks. Apparently he was instructed to report to the mission home on Monday the 14th for his new assignment. We don't know anything more than that as of now. I guess we'll wait to see what he tells us next pday.

What we do know is that Elder Roe loved his area so much and was sad to say goodbye to so many wonderful people there. They in turn loved him as can be seen in several photos here. The ward threw a goodbye party for him with a buffet luncheon, goodbye cake and letters and notes and pictures that the kids drew him. :) What a gift! He did say that leaving them all was harder than leaving home in the first place...hahaha. I am slightly offended. :)

The beautiful bake they made me for the goodbye party

My mission buds
One of the greatest families I've ever known
Words cannot describe how much I love this family!
My goodbye meal!!!!
I have loved this area with so many wonderful people
Our big group. Including Pres Lee and Carol Lee who've been so amazing to me
The coolest kid around. He and his little brother are some of my favorites!
 From the bottom of this mother's heart, I thank the people in MuZha (spelling ?) for their kindness and service to my Son....I will be forever grateful to you.

Sister Jody Roe

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