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Friday, April 22, 2016

Looking forward to some special boys baptisms this week!!!

Hello beautiful family!                                                                                    April 14, 2016

How is life in the country? Sorry to throw you off with emailing days so much. Next week will be different too because it's temple day so we are emailing on Wednesday.. I think. So looking forward to that. But more forward to tomorrow. We are having the He kids baptism (何家庭) They are so stinking cute! We love them and can't wait to see them be baptized tomorrow afternoon! This week was fun with Exchanges. We went with West and XinZhu zone leaders and then yesterday to today we were with some Elders from ZhongHe. Exchanges are always such a good time :)
What an honor to work with this group of leaders!!! 

This next week is going to be really crazy. Basically a run down, next week is transfers. So we are super busy doing that. Plus temple days Tuesday and Wednesday And then we have new missionaries coming in, and departing, new member fireside, the week after we are preparing for the mission tour and zone conferences. It's gonna be a blast! The Church is so true!
Chen Mama bought us lunch

Yesterday we were teaching Tammy who is awesome. She is Golden and has been taught all the lessons, but her parents won't allow her to be baptized so she is just holding on and pushing forward. She has a date way out there in July. We are fasting and praying that if she stays true to the commandments that she will know for sure and God will provide a miracle and let her parents be okay with being baptized. Also Anne, is incredible! She loved General Conference and loves being at the Chapel she will for sure be baptized this month she is great! 
Enjoying all the exchanges and experiences with everyone!

Last night with Elder Johnson...going to miss him so much!

Also Christopher is amazing, and is always inviting people to hear more about the Gospel. He invited a friend over for dinner who had great questions. After we left she stayed and asked the members more and more questions and really opened up to how she felt about live. He was so touched to see how the gospel can bless anyone's life. I love rc's and the power/ energy they have to share the gospel with others. We can all learn from their example. 

Well that's 'bout it for now. Love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Roe

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