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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Road Trip...it was awesome!!!

Hello Homeland people,                                                                              April 8, 2016

This week was Zone training meetings. Which means: ROAD TRIP!!!!!! It was a lot of fun, for most of the week Elder Johnson and I were out on the West Coast. I drove through my first area, returned to the chapel, for the first time since I left it. It was so much fun, and insane to think of the time and experiences that I have had from then til now. Funny thing was there were still the baptismal pics of some RC's and I up on the wall. I liked that :)

 The first night we stayed out with the XinZhu Zone Leader's Elder Davidson and Elder Jensen who is from St. George. They are both awesome, and incredible leaders, I learned a lot from them. Then after their Zone Meeting we drove out to ZhuNan's meeting. Which I assumed would be at the ZhuNan Chapel... it wasn't. But while we were there we went and got the best potstickers on the face of the Earth. I talked them up forever, and then we hunted them down, it's a good thing I have a decent memory and the city is pretty small. When we found it I told the lady that owns the place, "the last time I was here was about a year and a half ago, and it was so good then today I had to come find it again." That made her pretty happy. I think that living out there where there is no one and no real job opportunities must be hard, so I tried to make her day a bit brighter. Anyway after we found out that the Zone Meeting was actually at TouFen we went there, which was where I had my first Zone Meeting in Taiwan. It is one of the two branches in our mission. The chapel is out in the middle of nowhere at a bus stop on the second floor. Yeah: Ghetto. It is seriously so cool!!! I love it. Elder's Lindahl and Mark's killed it out there and we loved their zone meeting. Super inspiring.
Had a great meal with all these incredible people!

 After then we went to ZhuBei and exchanged with Elder's Xiao and Seely. I love them so much. Elder Xiao and I were together and we had a party! He is a great missionary and really hard working.We  taught a part member family and had a really great spiritual lesson. It was really fun to work with Elder Xiao and see him progress, he learns super fast he is a great missionary and will be super successful. 

After that we hauled back to Taipei for reporting and then went on Exchanges with the South Taibei zone leaders. I was with Elder Christensen, he is a stud muffin. We had an amazing exchange and taught some amazing people! Also got a lot of attitude from some foreigners, like more than usual so that is always fun. We also went and saw Christopher. He got in a bike crash and his hand is swollen up the size of a bowling ball. So we bought him dinner and took it to his house and visited with him for a few minutes.
Elder Xiao and Elder Roe

Also yesterday we got another Senior Couple! The Beutler's! Also from Cache Valley but on the Logan side. Can I just say, they are adorable. They have such a bubbly cute attitude and will bless the people of Taiwan so much! The are serving out in Hualien which is a long ways away from here so we won't get to interact as much with them but that's ok. They are where they need to be. We went and ate dinner with them last night and it was so much fun! 

And lastly today, we switched p-day to today because General conference is tomorrow. We should be meeting with lots of our investigators over the next two days. It's been a little crazy with being gone but we are blessed to be working with some of the coolest people ever! Right now for example: We are teaching  Ann who is awesome! She came to Church last week for all three hours and has such a big desire to be baptized. We love her so much and are grateful for the chance we have to teach her.
Elder Roe got his internat'l license and it probably is a blast for him to be driving again and eating at a McDonalds!!!

Well I could go on and on but time doesn't permit. Love you all have a fantastic week! Go change someones life today!

Elder Roe 

pic: nothing like long car rides and drive through McDonalds

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