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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

One of the coolest experiences of my life

大家早安!                                                                                                                   April, 29, 1016

 Or as Brenna would say "good morning world, the earth says hello!" (random) How is everyone doing? Hoping you had a great week! This week was super fun as always, it was crazy for a few days.
Exhausted office missionaries after getting all the new missionaries there, and all the transfers done! haha

 Monday was just busy with lot's of little things, Tues. reporting and district meeting, Wed. English Unit Leader training/ District Leader training, Thurs. trainer/trainee follow-up, Fri. Mission Leadership Conference, Saturday p-day/stake conference. so needless to say there wasn't much free time. Not that there ever is, this week was just especially busy. Elder Liston handled all the trainings like a champ. (not surprised) He is a great teacher and I love working with him.
Elder Liston and me.
Elder Johnson came back up to Taipei for a meeting this week so that was fun too. He is now serving down on the East coast in Yuli. So it's always fun to see him. Also Elder Huntsman was up here for a bit and I went to their district meeting so we were able to have lot's of good discussions about investigators and missionary work. It's fun to learn from all of these great missionaries. 

This coming week is the mission tour with Elder Wong of the Seventy. He is from Hong Kong and is so awesome. Super talented man, I can see why the Lord has him where he is. For one thing his language is incredible. He speaks perfect: Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. (so cool) So we are all looking forward to being trained and instructed by him.
Elder Liston and I are really loving working together. He is stellar.

This week I had one of the neatest experiences in my life. For the most part of Taiwan when you ask questions "of the soul" like "Why are we here?" Where will we go after we die" (those type of questions) You don't really get a straight answer if even a response. People here just really don't think about it, because cultural speaking they don't really have a firm answer or belief. It really varies from person to person. So anyway that will help you understand why this experience is so cool.

 We were at the chapel, taking our investigator on a tour. However this man was sitting in a lobby and you could tell he wanted to talk with the missionaries. So we let the sisters just head off with our investigator and we started to talk with this awesome guy. He was in his 60's(左右) he spoke like a 大陸人 because he spent 20 years in China,  we sat down and said a prayer. Right after he said "I have two questions I really want you to answer, the first is, why are you called Mormons, what does it mean and what do you believe? The second is, Why am I here? Where did I come from? and Where will I go after this? I need to know." (...........WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?) (Don't worry I kept my cool) It was like that moment when you have the secret answer and your just dying to share it. I was stoked! It was incredible. We shared about the plan of salvation and to everything he was just like "I totally believe this, I have thought long and hard about it I have just never been able to lay it out as clearly." It's amazing how many prepared souls there are here in Taiwan. I can't wait to see how this amazing person progresses. 
So happy to see these wonderful people I love so much at the new converts fireside!!!

The He kids baptism the other week was awesome, but we didn't have our cameras. There are pics I just have to get them from some people and send them to you. So sorry about that haha. 

Anyway life is good and i am happy, hope that you are all doing really well and loving life! Thanks for everything and all the support you give me! Love ya! 


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