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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

TuCheng has been an awesome area to work! We've seen miracles!

Hello Everyone!                                                                                                    Feb. 29, 2016

This last week was so great! And felt like it was 1000 years! We had some great stuff happen this last week. For example, MLC.(Mission Leadership Conference) Which is always amazing! We talked a lot about working with members again which is a lot about what we talked about last time, but it's so important! I am really happy with how our zone has been performing. They have really caught the vision and are working really hard to accomplishing the mission vision. This last week we had 8 new investigators come from members introducing their friends to the gospel. So that's really good and is looking up! 

"P-day fun. We visited a 'Frozen' exhibit! Let it gooooooo!"

This week we went on exchanges with the SiYuan elder's and I went with Elder Aiono who is so awesome! He has had a super cool life and is a great missionary. It's rare to find someone so humble and kind. I really admire him. 

This week is going to be really interesting. We are calling it: "in with the old and in with the new" (not sure but I think he meant out with the old and in with the new?) Pretty much a lot of people we have been working with have just not been in it to win it. I think a lot of them know that it's true and they want the blessings, but aren't willing to work for it. It makes me sad but we gotta respect their agency. So it will be interesting.

Working in the fields....looks pretty daunting with all that water.

 Also this week is Zone meeting, exchanges with SanXia, then exchanges with the Assistants, and then transfers next week. (That went fast) I have loved serving here in TuCheng. I think I was to slow to realize how amazing this place is. But I'm glad I know it now. I really believe what dad says is true: "Wherever you go you will find good people, and you will find bad. It really just depends on what your looking for." Although I firmly believe that for Taiwan it's pretty hard to find bad! haha.
My friend Ely and me

I love you all. I am so happy that you are all in my life and supporting me in this crazy journey. Have a great week! 

Elder Roe

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