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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I have felt the Lord's Love so strongly this week!

Hey everyone!                                                                                               Feb. 22, 2016

 So it has only been 4 days since I last talked to you because of temple day, but life is great! In that time we were able to have L DX baptism and confirmation! It was so awesome, he is a great guy. We found him outside and called him and from then on he continued to meet with us until baptism. It was a cool testimony of how time is up to us and God.

 In the past, he had met missionaries and had actually had them come to his house to visit and share our message but at that time (even though he didn't have a bad feeling) he turned them away. But he felt that now is his time. He has been super accepting of the gospel and despite his very low education has been diligent in study the gospel even though it is very difficult for him to read. It has been amazing to see his change! There was also another investigator baptized the same day that was found in our area! He his so amazing, we ended giving him as a referral since he didn't live in our area and it was super great to him progress towards baptism and happier life. 

This week was temple week, it was so great to be in the temple again! I love the peace that it brings and the revelation that you can receive. I think that I have mentioned this before, but I love that it is in the middle of a big city yet it brings such a quiet peace in the midst of a busy world.
 Sister Lu is off to SLC temple square mission after waiting months for visa clearance.
She will be awesome there!!!

I feel like it was been an amazing week, really been able to feel the love of God. He can change our lives if we let him, we just have to slow done. This week I have enjoyed being with the people I have grown to love so much. For example Li xui fen, li xin kuan, zhang jia ting, liao guo shu etc. They are all so amazing! 

I hope that you all see some miracles of your own this week. 

Also shout out to Sister Lu, she was a visa waiter in our district and this morning she went America temple sqaure mission! 加油!

Elder Roe

last breakfast with Sis. Lu (Long live tucheng)

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