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Monday, March 14, 2016

New Assignment!! Great People!!!!

Hello everybody!                                                                                                 Mar. 11, 2015

Wow this last week has been insane! Last Sunday after Stake Conference I had a surprise move call and moved to Da'An. It is an adventure and a half and I am loving life! This week was a blast as I was in a tripanionship with Elder's Huntsman and Johnson. They are so much fun and I love them to death! Elder Huntsman left this week to go and train and is gonna tear it up in Tianmu! My last day in Tucheng we had the new member investigator fireside and He JM spoke! She did amazing! So proud of her and the example she is. Just recently she quite her job so that she could attend church.

This week we went to pick up new missionaries at the airport. It was lot's of fun especially to see Sister Clawson walk out of the terminal. She will be a great missionary and has a great trainer. I am excited to see what they will do! (Sister Emma Clawson who Porter was good friends with at MC)

Yesterday we went and visited a member who was incredible! She invited her friend and her son over to eat dinner with us. It is so much fun to watch these members become member missionaries. 

New Assignment...great people. Feeling so blessed.

Cool experience:
Back in my first area a long long time ago I taught this lady named Lin JM. She was Golden, super amazing and moved on quickly to get baptized. After a few weeks she had to move to Taipei. Unfortunately for lack on my part I didn't think of anyway to stay in contact with her. She moved away and I never heard from her again. So for the past year and a half I have been praying that she is still going strong and receiving all of the blessings that the Lord can give her. Anyway this last week I was taking the new missionaries to the bank. (Which is hilarious since I don't know where anything is) And we are walking out of the front of church and I hear "羅長老(Luo ZhangLao)!" (Elder Roe) I turn around and there is Lin JM! I was so excited to see her and we had a great reunion. She is doing really well and her little girl, who when I met her had just been born, is up and walking now! So crazy! So happy for her!
This is where I ran to today! I love this place.

Well i love you all. The Church is true, Jesus is the Christ. I feel so blessed to be here in Taiwan, in the best place, with the best people. It is truly amazing! 

Elder Roe

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