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Monday, March 21, 2016

I love this new AREA!

Hello!                                                                                                           March, 18, 2016

Well good news, this week was a lot less busy :) This past week Pres. was in Hong Kong for a training by the Asia Area Presidency so on Monday we got a list of things to work on and finish and then after that it was pretty much smooth sailing. We got some time to really go finding in our area and work with the Ward members it has been so much fun. This area is probably one of the most coveted ones. We have a great chapel, two awesome colleges, so there are lots of fun young adults to talk to, as well as lots of families on the other side, not to mention the food around here is the best you can find in Taiwan. So overall it's super awesome, I feel super blessed to be serving here. The members are really good to us, last night we got fed dinner... three times. I thought I was going to die. 
Hanging out with the cool kids!

We have some of the best investigators ever. We have a cute little family of two kids that will be getting baptized next week, as well as a Filipino named Christopher who I love beyond measure. He is so incredible. He has overcome so many trails and is so strong in the gospel. 
Elder Hansen on Elder Roe's right, and Elder Stevenson on the left.

Also something fun was I got to go on exchanges with Elder Ethan Hansen this last week. That was a good time! It was pretty fun to tell people we grew up in the same place, everyone though that was pretty cool. He is a great person, and an incredible missionary it was super fun to be able to teach with him. 

This week was also the most painful week of my life... physically. This week we got this work out program that is freaking hard. So we have been going hard every morning. On Tuesday I like couldn't stand up my legs hurt so bad. But I am feeling pretty good at the end of the week. It feels pretty good to be able to be working out hard again. :)

Well that's about my week :) Overall really good, super thankful for the blessing I have to serve in Taiwan. It is literally the best place in the world! Love you all! 

Elder Roe

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