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Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter! God is so Good!

Hello all,                                                                                                             March 28, 2016

I seriously didn't know that time could move this fast! I think of all the things we did and it amazes me. But at the same time it feels like it just barely happened. It's a weird feeling. This week was pretty busy. Sunday was a great day, we saw so many of our investigators come to Church which is one of the best feelings in the world! One funny story was Sunday night. We were coming back from an appointment going to the Church and out in the square (like in between the chapel and the temple) there was this guy just singing opera at the top of his lungs. First off, I thought this was a little bit strange but was like, I mean if he wants to sing he wants to sing. Anyway on our way in we asked who he was, and he says he is from this specific church that is famous for hating us. Seeing as we were in a rush, we didn't stay to talk. Afterward I say to Elder Johnson, let's go downstairs and see if he is still out there.
What an experience I've had as a missionary here in Taiwan. God is so good.

 We go down and the sisters there are just like scared out of their mind. Apparently they invited him in to the chapel and then he started going crazy and screaming at the Church. So they were pretty taken aback. So I go outside and he is just out their pacing muttering incoherent stuff. We try and talk with him but he is just like crazy, More like just hates the Church and such. I talked to him about how this is a place of peace and learning and invited him to come to learn, and discuss about Christ, otherwise to please leave until willing to be calm. That wasn't what he wanted to hear. Any way long story short he started screaming gibberish which was suppose to be the gift of tongues with the intent to curse me. So at that point I just left, but he stayed outside yelling till like midnight Saturday night. So that was interesting. 
Asian architecture is like nothing I've ever seen!

Something on the awesome note though. Christopher is getting baptized this week! He is so incredible. I can't even describe it! He has such a desire to meet God and change his life. He has truly repented, we talked about it and he said it has been a process with a lot of tears but feels so at peace to feel of God's love. His Mom passed away last year which was really hard for him but through the gospel he has found the knowledge that we can all be together forever. It's incredible to see how amazing his testimony is. Last night he talked about how much the gospel has done for him. It has helped him at work, with his family, meeting friends, and just frankly adjusting to Taiwan (he is from the Philippines) So tonight is his baptism and I can't wait. 

We had three exchanges this week. It was a blast. One of my favorites was with Elder Zhou a native Elder. He shared a lot about his conversion story, it was incredible! It is amazing what the gospel can do for all of us. I love him so much! 
Eating dinner together.
 (I believe this is Christopher that is the man Porter speaks of in the paragraph above this)

This week we had some fun training meetings. The first was for the new District Leaders and the second was for the Trainer/Trainee follow-up meeting. The first training wasn't the best by any means but I felt really good about the second one. Elder Johnson is a great teacher and I feel blessed to be his companion. 

Well that about sums up the week.Have a wonderful Easter.... what a miracle the Atonement and the Resurrection is! The greatest thing that has ever happened in the history of the world!  Hope you are all doing well! Love you! 

Elder Roe

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