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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"In my quest for me and mine, have I forgotten thee and thine?"

聖誕節快樂!                                                                                                                 Dec. 7, 2015

How are all of you? So it really isn't Christmas despite the first line but it feels like it! One because we went through a HUGE weather change.... I don't do well with weather changes. Thank the heavens above that my companion is awesome and goes outside everyday to workout! Otherwise I look outside the window and am just like "I think I see wind, and that cloud over there looks like he is fat and ready to let some precipitation fall! .... we better stay in." haha okay maybe not that bad but I really hate the cold. 

This week was really fun with Choir. Yes I am in the Choir, shocker I know (obviously there wasn't any audition) But we got to go to 三重, 士林, 金華街 and perform so that was fun. I love the fact that we get to share Christmas and it's true meaning with the Taiwanese people. The other week I asked my English class what the true meaning of Christmas was and the answers were: Gifts, day off of work, candy, and Santa Clause. Yup, hard to believe right. Finally one student said he thought he heard that it had something to do with Christ but he wasn't sure. So if you haven't ever taught the life/birth of Christ in 10 minutes before, you should try it some time it is interesting. Also, this week got to see Jason and Jerry from my first area. We got to go out finding and saw some cool miracles. It was really fun to see someone I have taught be on the other side of things teaching the gospel to others. So awesome! 
Jason and Jerry from my first area, came to help me teach! What an incredible experience!
Huge tender mercy this week! Got to go back to MuZha yesterday. I had a meeting with my favorite Stake President there. I am trying to get things up and running here and was talking with Pres. Jergensen about working with Stake and Ward leaders and the importance of it. Anyway since MuZha was such a huge success I got permission to go back and meet with him and get all of the information like: statistics, plans, pictures, etc. It was super fun to be back there even if it was only for an hour. I love that area and all the people in it. 
Some of my favorite memories were back in MuZha!

Anyway,  these past couple of week have been an adventure. Lot's of things have come up that kind of threw a bump in the road. I have learned a lot about what is really important and what is not, why I am here. And while even though things change, whether on a mission or back home the Church is still true. I think the hardest lesson I have learned is how important agency is. Sometimes other people's decisions break your heart. When all you wanted for them was the best. You devote all you have to them and then somehow they are able to look past that and choose something else.

 In those moments I have learned it is important to be steady. We need to be able to understand that in the raging waters of our lives Christ has the ability to calm the sea with the simple words "Peace, be still." But equally as important to remember to ask ourselves the question "In my search for me and mine, have I forgotten thee and thine?" We must align our will to his, and his will is for us to respect other's choices. So the best thing we can do is always leave those people with "I hope the best for you." And really truly mean it.After that all we can do is make sure we are living the way He wants us too. Maybe one day down the road they will find out that we really did love them and this really will help them. 在那時候, 我們要歡迎他們來. And love, reach, and inspire. So grateful I was able to learn this now, even if it was the hard way.

Everybody keep plugging on and spreading the Christmas spirit! Love ya'll!

Elder Roe

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