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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Taught at the feet of an Apostle!!!

Hi to all of the Western World,                                                                          Nov. 30, 2015

What a fantastic week! First of all Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! Missed ya'll for turkey day but you were all in my heart and I am so thankful to have you all in my life! This week was extremely busy and full of blessings we had: p-day, conference with Elder Stevenson, Exchange with DanFeng, English Class and WPS, Mission Leadership Conference, Exchange with SiYuan, and finally returned home for Church. :) It was so fun! 

As for being taught by an apostle of the Lord, it was awesome! And really just so much fun. Every single missionary in the mission was there. (which never happens)  And in all honesty he was just so: real. It's a Cache Valley thing ;) But it was a great time.

 Pres. and Sis. Jergensen spoke and also Elder and Sister Stevenson. All did so great! I really loved Sister Jergensen's talk. It was about knowing who we are. Mainly, to not forget our identity and to remember that God will always help us if we call upon Him even in this scary big world. I don't know why it just really hit home, she is a great speaker!

 Elder Stevenson focused on having "a vision" for our investigators and for ourselves. I really enjoyed it and we are actually going to take a lot of what he talked about and share it in our Zone Conference so I am pretty stoked for that. Another thing he really focused on was obedience. He gave us this "formula" that he wants us to live by. Obedience+Blessings= happiness. He was really thorough in teaching that when we obey, we then receive blessings. And when we receive blessings we are happy. Satan tries to tell us that disobedience brings happiness, but rather it brings wickedness and the scriptures tell us that wickedness never was happiness. So some awesome concepts, it was a great conference.
This work is the best!

This week I went on exchanges with the super 帥 Elder Liston and Magness. I love them so much. Elder Liston basically gives me all my inspiration for Zone Conference haha. Elder Magness and I had a really good time together. Like when we exchanged back, my throat hurt from talking so much. We talked a lot about seeing the big picture, and how to help ourselves progress not just the work. It was really great and I learned a lot. I am thankful to the great friends I have gained here :)

I love these people so much!

At Stake Conference!!! Cutest Boys in the world!
As for everything else. Live is good. We saw some great miracles, and some big heartbreaks. It's a good thing that your heart is a muscle. And only when you break your muscle down do you actually get it built back up stronger than ever before. Because that happens a lot on the mission. This one new investigator named D is awesome! She came to Church yesterday for the whole block and is super nice and.... 熱心 (you can translate that yourself) So everyone was all over her. Like only Chinese can describe it. 每個人都蜂湧包圍著她. Yeah it was that crazy, so I hope that she didn't get scared. But she texted us after Church and said she loved it and can't wait to meet again on Tues. So I am stoked! I am just a lot more pessimistic after someone just broke my heart. (no need for names) So until the baptism is here, I am just kinda going to letting things work themselves out.

Well I love ya'll soooo much! Thanks for all you do for me and the support that is given! 加油!

Elder Roe

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