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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Happy Mother's Day wish from 6,000 miles away

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!                                                                    May 12, 2015

 Who knows where the world would be without our incredible Mothers! I know that I for sure would not be where I am without mine. So I hope that everyone got the opportunity to celebrate and be around family. One of the most awesome things that I saw this week was the amazing members in Taiwan's desire to have their family with them. We had so many people come to our Mother's Day activity and even more to Church. There was a common trend among all of them. Many of the people that came was because they asked their Mom's what they wanted for Mother's Day and the response was that the most valuable gift that they could give to them is to come with them to Church and all be together there. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!?!? It really made me put things in perspective. What is really important in life? I was thinking if I was in that position I don't know that Church would have been my first response (I would hope it would) I probably would say something like, "well chocolate is pretty good." Yeah it was humbling.
My Superman, Porter and I hiking in Oregon in 2013

 Also talking with you guys was so much fun! Good to see no one has
really changed that much. Except for Beckett, he is growing up so fast!!
Our beautiful Beckett

This week we saw one huge miracle! One of our investigators who has not even picked up the phone for the past three weeks finally answered!!! And that day he went with us to an activity and then he came to Church the next day. Crazy! So that was a really great miracle. Except that day in POURED!!!! Yeah it was true tropical rain. It's so strong it like hurts and the humidity makes you soaked even when you have a umbrella. So that was the only downer.
HL fed us great pizza

Also another miracle. Is that our RC who has autism fed us dinner! (first miracle) And then after that he said that we were going to visit his friend. He took us over and met the greatest family ever the had THREE kids!!!!! Yeah rare in Taiwan. And he was super willing to listen to what we had to say and set up again. At the end he asked ME for MY cell phone number. I was like you for sure can have it! MIRACLES!!!

Well I am sorry but since I just talked to you all I am kind of out of things to say. I think I kind of told you everything so.... hopefully next week I will be full of more things to say! You are all great and I love you. Thanks for the endless support and love! 加油

Elder Roe

Yeah this is the rain....
Unending, humid, tropical downpour

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