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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Go ahead and LAUGH!

禮拜一快樂!                                                                                                 May 25, 2015

Hello dear family and friends! This week was so great! Let me tell you why! 

We met with one of our investigators, one that I have not been able to get a read on. Just seems a little bit off. I mean he is a great guy and all but whenever we meet he just seemed really distracted and not there. The sisters were originally teaching him but later turned him over to us. This week however we kinda got him talking... and then he admitted that he liked one of the sisters. How cute is that? haha, Not really more just kind of annoying because at that point I was like, okay his desire towards the gospel is probably ZERO. But however we still met with him that night. But to my surprise, not only did he show up, but he proceeded to set a baptismal date and then came to church this week!!!! Teah I guess the lesson learned there was you can't judge a person based on who they like. Not sure if that is what I was suppose to learn but I guess that is one key principle right? 
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This week finished up my first full transfer with my son! Holy cows that went sooooo fast!!!!!!!!!!! A member asked me how long I have been in this ward and the automatic answer was like "oh like a month." Umm nope try like 2 1/2 months. I have loved this ward soooo much! I really feel like they are my family away from home. My RC's are so great, my companion is awesome, and life is so good. It makes me so sad to even think about next transfer probably getting moved. So say a prayer I won't! haha just kidding. I know that God's will is all that matters so I will be excited to see what he has in store! 
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One of my favorite moments this week was in Elder's Quorum. Huang Li was there sitting in the back. (This is the one with autism) and I was like in the middle of the classroom. During the lesson he whispers out a little loudly: Luo Zhanglao! (This is Porter's Chinese name)
  I turn around to look and him, once he saw that I had his attention he grabbed his bag, unzipped it and started searching for something. He then pulled out a stuffed whale and started making whale sounds then said, he wants to kiss you! Haha! I couldn't help but laugh. And then he was off looking for something else. I love him so much. It reminded me the importance of just laughing, and being happy. So everyone, do your best to find something that is joyous. And laugh a little. Remember, if you don't laugh, you cry. And crying gives you a headache! I love you all!

Elder Roe

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