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Monday, April 6, 2015

It's a Baby Boy

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                           April 6, 2015

 I hope that you all had as good of a Easter as I did because it was amazing! This last transfer in 木柵 has been one of the funnest transfers of my whole mission. I can't believe that I have already been here for six weeks and that Elder Hawkins is going home this Friday. NUTS! We have had a blast and had some really great miracles.
The Happiest Day Ever!!!

For starters, last week went through super smooth! Both baptisms went great! And Elder W also had a baptism so we just combined and had 3 people baptized at the same service. It was incredible. The room was packed with support from our members and the spirit was so strong you could just drink it all up! I have never been more confident in these people getting baptized.
I support my Bishop!!! He is great!
 Afterward when they bore their testimonies, they just radiated. I think one of the best parts was X. She got up and just talked about how hard of a decision this was for her to make and how when she decided to do it she felt so good and knew it was right. But the most touching part was how she said she was nervous to talk to her family but because of encouragement from our members she invited them to her baptism and EVERY member of her family showed up in full support of her decision. I wish ya'll could understand how huge that is. Not only is it a different Church but a whole other religion from Buddhism to Christianity. It was so incredible. 
A great new member of our church!!!

For Easter we got to have our New Member/ Investigator fireside at the BU. Of course, Pres. Day and Sister Day spoke which was great but also our Stake President, 謝會長. He was so awesome! He just told it how it was. He shared stories about if we want the atonement in our lives we 必須要 have a change in our lives. We must let it change our actions, and our behavior. He told of a story when he had a meeting with a young man and how he wouldn't come to church but wanted to serve a mission. He said how can you teach people the sacredness of the sabbath day if you won't keep it. Every single missionary had a grin from ear to ear. The gospel is true, the commandments are just that: commandments they aren't guidelines. And the blessings are out of this world! 
This country is absolutely stunning

In closing I will address the subject line. Last night we got home and finished everything and I put on my stretchy clothes to relax. When I got a phone call... Yeah don't you hate it when that happens. I was then informed that I will be training a new missionary for the next two transfers... WHAT!? Yup, pretty much stoked and scared outta my mind!!!!! So pray for me. I will send Elder Hawkins home and bring home a "baby son." 

Well I hope ya'll have a great week. I love you all and am praying for you! 

Elder Roe

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