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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Launching our hopes and dreams

Hello all,                                                                                                    Mar. 30, 2015

Hey everybody in the western hemisphere! Hope all is well, and that you have smiled at least 7 times today! If not, start. This week was the best week ever! Mostly because it was just super busy and full of lessons! Which is a great thing but makes it feel like I didn't even sleep just non-stop going. But I like it that way.
Yummy Mr. Fish!!!

 This week my companion went to the temple with his generation to the temple. So I got assigned to another companionship for the night. And guess who I got to go with? Elder Jensen who came out with me!!!! Holy moly we were SO stoked! It was a really fun night, we got to attend a baptismal service for a 8 year old and then just did some missionary work while catching up on the past 6 months, oh so good! :)
Shout out to you Mom and Dad!

Last week we had a pretty fun adventure. We had a member who wanted to come and take us out to do something but we weren't sure exactly what we would be doing. Also, last week it was pouring rain like cats and dogs and so it was pretty cold! But we decided to go up to PingXi and 放天燈 (put lantern's in sky? I don't really know how to translate that sorry) So even though it was raining we wrote our hopes and dreams on it and put it up in the air. To be honest I think that the rain made it a little more fun. And surprisingly enough there was a lot of people up there doing it. Then we went on a little hike, so wet and so awesome. Then we went to a 老街 (alley with lot's of 東西) and we ate stinky tofu... Yeah it stunk pretty bad 沒錯 but the taste wasn't that bad hahaha. It was a fun experience.
Missionaries launching their lanterns to the sky!
Our Awesome Hike

The best part of this week was: Y and X both passed their interviews!! So that means that this next week we will have 2 baptisms! We are so stoked! And luckily God wants  to work in our favor, so we are having it on Friday which is a national holiday here in Taiwan so that means EVERYONE is off work and can come to see and support them. We are really looking forward to it. They are both super duper awesome.
 Keep them in your prayers that everything goes really smoothly. 

This week since the Because He Lives video came out we have been really pushing it in our contacting and teaching. It has been so neat to be able to explain to people that because Jesus Christ died for us we too can conquer death! The more that I learn about it the more grateful I am for our Savior. I hope that everyone goes and follows the prophets invitation by "liking" the video and sharing it to as many people as possible. The Church is true! And Jesus Christ lives, what joy this sweet sentence gives!

I love you all, have a great week, and I hope we can all grow closer to Christ as we go through this amazing Easter week! I am pretty excited! Sending as much love from Asia as possible!

Elder Roe

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