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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Love is the Motive

Howdy everybody!

Guess what!? The week went fast again! I bet nobody thought I would ever start an e-mail with that sentence, I know big shocker! But this week was full of awesome good events.
An old pic! One of my favorites cuz you can see the joy and excitement and the Light in their faces!

My favorite part of this past week was by far the Zone Conference. President Day is such an inspired man. They covered EVERYTHING I needed to hear. Our President has asked us to be fluent in three languages. First in the language of the spirit. If we can follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and be "led in all things" we will be successful and effective missionaries. We even had time set apart for us to just pray and ponder how we can be better at following the promptings of the Spirit. After that we focused on the second language which is the language of love. We need to develop a sincere love for our Members, Companions, and for the people of Taiwan. In the words of Pres. Faust "love is the motive" which is so true! And lastly the Language of Taiwan. Mandarin Chinese. We had really great trainings on how we can better improve our ability which included teaching our members and then having them help us with our pronunciation and grammar. 
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Well this week is gonna have to be a little bit short cause we are heading out on a adventure. I love you all and are praying for all of you! 

Also:  We got visa waiters! Over 20 new missionaries have arrived! Thanks for the prayers!

I love you!

Elder Roe

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