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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bold Faith

Hello all,                                                                                                             March 16, 2015

Starting an email I feel like is the hardest part. So I hope that ya'll have just had the greatest week that you could have because life is awesome! My week was super duper awesome! For lots of reasons but one reason has to to definitely be because I got my bike this week :) Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about. There is just nothing like riding your own bike.
One of my awesome friends!

 Although I would be lying if I said I didn't miss my car. As great as a invention as bikes are, cars are the way to go. Especially when it is raining. Which as it turning out is something that Taibei loves to do! RAIN! And we aren't talking about just cold uncomfortable rain, we are talking about little devils talking water out of the glaciers of Antarctica and then pouring it out of buckets onto your body rain. Halfway through the night I just yelled to my companion while we were riding "I thought this Island was suppose to be tropical!!!!"

 I wore my white shirt, sweater, huge coat, and poncho but somehow it still got pretty cold. I think it's probably mostly because of the humidity. I dunno, but the good news is that at the of the week the rain subsided. And it was the absolutely most perfect weather on Earth. I think it was a huge tender mercy because I was starting to not love this place haha. But seriously, it was so green and blue skies, and absolutely perfect. I love Taiwan, when it's nice to me that is.

Birthday party

Other than the weather update we actually did do work this week. All of our investigators are really progressing and doing really well, our less- actives are taking small but sure steps of improvement and that is really exciting as well. I think one of my favorite parts of the week was HL. He is our RC, and he is the best guy ever! If you can understand everything he says you have incredible Chinese. He has autism and is the sweetest guy ever. But because of this it causes his to switch subjects and topics faster than I have ever seen. I love him so much! The first time we met he was focused on three things. 1. Sports scores 2. Crocodiles 3. Taiwan's Birth rate. So yeah definitely one of my more interesting conversations I have had. Yesterday it was his 29th Birthday so we went over to his house for cake. He was so happy that we came. At Church during sacrament meeting in the middle of the talk he would get up and run from pew to pew and tell them that it was his Birthday haha. So great. His birthday wish was to have a better salary so ditto to that! 
He is the best sweet potato frier here!

Lastly, yesterday night we had our "missionary fireside" with our ward. We had our ward mission leader, then us, and then ward missionary speak. We were a little bit nervous because we knew that this could be a huge turning moment for our ward. If we could get them pumped up about missionary work then we would be able to really get the work progressing in MuZha. Our part went really well, we had a great discussion, and the spirit was really there. We have already gotten 2 referrals! So we are really excited. The best part is something me and my companion decided to do... it's pretty scary too. We showed them our schedule for the next week, then said tell us a time you can help us teach someone, for example wed. @3:00, and if we don't already have a lesson there then we will go out on the street and we will find someone for you to help us teach. The ward was really taken aback at such a bold statement but it really got them stoked! So... I hope that we have enough faith to do what we said! 

Well that about sums it up, I love you all and hope you guys all have a great week! 

Elder Roe

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