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Monday, March 9, 2015

A first time PRAYER

This week was full of amazing food. Not really even for any reason either haha. The members here are just really great and love the missionaries. I am really liking being in Taipei, there is so much stuff here its a lot of fun. Last night we had dinner with our Stake President, he is INCREDIBLE!  Last week I talked about how we met with him and Pres. Day. Then last night he invited us and the Zone Leaders over to eat with him and his family. I would love to go into detail of all the food but I don't think you would really understand just how good it was. That's okay though haha. Afterward he showed us all the statistics of the wards and the areas he wants help in. He is really good at wanting the wards and missionaries to work together. He  know that if we want success we will have to work hand in hand. I think he is the best stake president in Taiwan right now. I am so amazed with him!

These members taught us how to make wrap dumplings!!! SO GREAT!!!

Also speaking of food. While I was on exchanges this week in XinDian we went to a steak house (which is nothing like American Stake houses by the way) And the waitress asked how we wanted our steaks we told her Medium well. Just for the sake of safety it was said in Chinese and English so there was NO CONFUSION. But I'm pretty sure the only time it spent on the grill was when they cut it of the cow and slid it across the stove to the waitress so she could walk it out to us. There was so much blood and it was so raw. Luckily they were willing to take it back and actually cook it this time haha. Maybe we Americans are just picky with our meat cause the member that was with us didn't think it was that bad haha.

The biggest miracle for this week was a man by the name of W. His wife is a member and was actually a missionary in Taizhong. She raised their children in the Church and he met with missionaries one 20 years ago but never really had a desire to join the Church. However she got talking with him and she committed him to be baptized next month and he accepted! We started meeting with him and the first time he didn't really have much to say to us and was really hesitant to do anything.
 Ok so I LOVE the food!!! Kind of obsessed with it!
 But the second  time we went we took some time to just really get to know him and talk with him. Even though there wasn't a ton of gospel principles shared he could feel our love for him. And at the end of the lesson we asked him to say the prayer, and even though he hesitated he accepted! I am sure that his family has tried to get him to pray for the last 40 years but hasn't ever had much success. He said an AMAZING prayer! And we found out later that that was the first prayer he has ever said since he was born! It was so awesome! It is such a great experience to see someone say their first prayer even when they are 60+ years old. It just goes to show that it is NEVER too late to accept the gospel, Jesus Christ, and his teachings.

I love you all and hope that you have a super great week full of miracles! 

Elder Roe

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