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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My first Transfer!!!

大家好!                                                                                                   Mar 2, 2015

Happy day to all those out there in the western hemisphere! I hope it's a little bit warmer for you than for me ;) So first things first. I got transferred!!!! :) :( <-- it's a lot of mixed emotions. This last week I went on exchanges with Elder Bake so that we could have our interview for 柯弟兄 and he passed!!!!!!! It was awesome and he was so happy! I am waiting to see if the service went through...
Awesome family who got up super early to feed me and wanted to drive me clear to Taipei but Jason wanted to ride the bus with me so that's what we did. They are terrific!!!
Then another crazy thing happened. We went to eat dinner and then we ran into TWO formers. One actually set up again to start meeting with the missionaries. So that was a little awesome and strange. Then we headed back to ZhuNan to drop Elder Bake off and ended up helping them move apartments. It turned out to be in our benefit because while we were moving we got THE FAX. Ya know, that one with the transfer info. Oh man it was a excited moment. Every companionship in our zone was having a change except for one. I was super sad because I had so many people I love back in XiangShan and because I had a baptism on Saturday and next week that I won't be able to see. But God has a plan and I felt really good. Once 吳 D and J had gotten baptized I felt like what I was meant to do in XiangShan had been accomplished. It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone but I was also looking forward to the next adventure.
One Funny Cat!
Gonna miss these guys!!!
 We got to the BU and the best part of the meeting was NEW MISSIONARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome to see them there, they are so great and I think that they felt very welcomed. There was lots of hugs from strangers haha, but we have been really praying for them to get here so it's great to have them arrive!
Chinese New Year Decor
 I have been transferred to the Taipei South Zone which is actually new, we just created it. Kind of ironic because when I went to ZhuNan zone that was when they created that one too. I am now in 木柵, serving with Elder Hawkins from Mesa Arizona. He is super awesome! And it's super sad too cause this is his last transfer so we will only be together for 6 weeks :( But we are gonna work hard! The ward here is so great! I really haven't felt so welcomed as I have here. The were so kind and they are really wanting to see some progress in their ward. Our Stake President is also incredible! Yesterday was insane. It went something like this: 

7:30- Ward council
9:00- Church (Where I had to bear my testimony, and it just so happened Pres. and Sis. Day attended our meeting so no pressure)
12:00- Lesson
12:45- co-ordination meeting 
1:30-4:00 -meeting with stake president, stake council, and President Day
then normal missionary stuff
7:00- RC Investigator fireside at the BU 
My first convert. I'll always remember him.

So yeah it was a pretty long tiring day. I hope that you all have a great week! I love you guys and I hope that you smile and laugh and lot! 

Elder Roe

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