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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Found a lost sheep

Happy New Years in the Chinese realm! This week was full of celebration but more full of food. Holy cats I don't think I could eat anymore! If you would like to know how Chinese New Year is celebrated it mostly consists of two things. 1. Food 2. Fireworks/Firecrackers. We can talk about food first :)

So this week we had a qingke for ever lunch and dinner! Our members were so good to us and we got to eat such a great variety of food. I was gonna list it but there is no way I could remember it all. Last night when we did reports pretty much our whole zone is sick and all for the same reason. Too much food haha.
What great food these people fed us!!! So nice.
 We also met lot's of people who have potential but just aren't quite prepared yet. But that's okay 慢慢來. So a little bit about the New year. So Wednesday before our dinner appointment we had about 45 minutes to kill with finding. So Chinese tradition is the on New Year's Eve everyone heads back to their 老人家 So that means that there is NO ONE ON THE STREET!!!! Seriously XiangShan turned into a Ghost town. ALL restaurants and businesses are closed and there are no lights on or anything. So we just rode down the street trying to find any life other than all the stray dogs. When we finally found a person they where like, "why are you talking to me? I'm going home to eat." So yeah that was a little bit awkward.
Some of my friends
 Anyway, then on actually Chinese New Year day, SO MANY CARS!!! I thought that everyone would just stay inside but oh man was I wrong. Everyone loads up into the car and goes to the 廟 to 拜拜 (worship) It just so happens that really really close to our apartment we have a huge 廟! I took the road home from our lunch appointment and we drove by the 廟 and everyone was just like what does that missionary think he is doing. Yeah,  you wanna try and stay away from them on New Years and where they worship but it's a little hard when there is a 廟 every single 10 feet! Anyway, 基本上, I am really happy that we had weekly planning that day because if we were out finding I don't think the Taiwanese would be very happy with us. haha.

I love this beautiful place
 And then the fireworks. Holy cow, you gotta be careful. For me I like fireworks, so that wasn't much of a problem I think it was kind of fun actually. They set them off ever single night, but it made for a great memory. To just stop and think that I am a missionary, in Taiwan, during Chinese New Year, with the fireworks above my head lighting up my beautiful XiangShan... wow I feel so blessed. The stupid firecrackers on the other hand I have a problem with! I think that the Taiwanese try to hit us on purpose. Your just driving down the street and then you see something weird thrown out on the road in front of you and then... POW POW POW POW!!!!! And they aren't just these little baby things they are hot and go flying everywhere within a 5 foot radius. So if your in the wrong place at the wrong time Xinku.

On the miracle side of things. That man I talked about a couple of weeks ago that we met outside of the library remember him? Well I called him on Saturday and invited him to come to Church. He was super excited to come and he was there for the whole 3 hours! Then we met with him last night and we actually discovered that he was baptized and confirmed 10 years ago. But then about a month after he had family fandui. So he wasn't able to come to Church. But he wants to come back now and his ready to do everything in his power to be a fully active member!!! :) It was a crazy awesome miracle. We found a sheep who had been lost for 10 years, it's true God numbers his sheep and knows where they are. I am so happy we are able to help him to find his way back to his Shepard. 

This week K is going to be baptized! Keep him in your prayers! I know that if he can just make it to baptism the Holy Ghost will be such a huge gift in his life! We are doing everything we can to help him get there!

I love you all so much! Miss you tons and hope that you guys all have a great week that is full of adventure!!!!! :) Keep up the good work! 加油!

Elder Roe

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