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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tsunami of Finding

Hey everybody!                                                                                                      Feb 16, 2015

First off it's not a real tsunami so don't panic. We will talk more about that later! :) This week was so nuts! Ahhh! For starters one of the more funny things that happened was last Monday we had a lesson with one of our investigators who has actually completed the missionary lessons, but is still struggling with the commitment of coming to church. We were there waiting for him with the member, then he comes in and sits down and puts his drink on the table. And that drink happened to be a nice ol' cup a joe. I just kept looking down and then up and then back down again. What the heck man! I mean it's one thing to go and drink it on your own time but right in front of me? Come on! haha.Anyway that lesson was just awkward and off the whole time. But we met with him again yesterday, went over the baptismal questions and talked about the Word of Wisdom and cleared up some confusion so that was good! Then he set a date to be baptized in 2 weeks! Super excited and ready to see him get there! :) 
My fav Brazillion family who feeds me GREAT FOOD all the time

This week we did what is called a "tsunami." This is where basically all of the missionaries in your zone go to one area and just find all day long. The goal is to try to help that area find some new investigators. It's really fun we all meet up, make a plan and set goals and then divide and conquer. The area actually really proved to be hard though but made for some really good stories! (We also go on exchanges for learning experiences)
The best passion fruit ever...love it!
 So I was with Elder B and we contacted this kid outside just taking a smoke. He didn't see to be super duper interested but told us that all of his friends in the restaurant would have interest and we should go talk to them. I knew he was obviously not really telling the truth, but Elder Bake being the brave guy he is was like "ok!" So we parked our bikes and walked in. Okay, this was seriously one of the most awkward situations I have ever been in, in my entire life! They were the only ones in there so we walked to their table and it just fell dead silent. Especially since they were the only ones in there, so quiet. I didn't even know what to say. "Um Hi, I'm Elder Luo and I'm a missionary, would you like to be baptized?" Yeah right! But I was very impressed Elder Bake did a good job and told them why we were in Taiwan and what we do here. They didn't want to talk at all so we just gave them English tracts and got outta there! The best part is though that the kid who took us in there just ditched them and walked out when we started talking to them. So that was awkward for everyone. 

Then at the end of the evening we were just wrapping up, so we were on foot just trying to talk to anyone. I told Elder B we should go over to this little bridge that goes over the road and just see if we get anything. We did and then I start walking up the stairs but Elder B calls me to come back. I go back and then he is just in shock! I look down to see what he is staring at. And in the dirt is a Tract and a Book of Mormon! Some guy got contacted but apparently was too bu hao yise to tell us he didn't want it. We were so mad, we got the book and cleaned it all up. When we told the other missionaries about it they were all trying to figure out who it was haha. Oh well, if they don't want it that's okay we are only here to invite right?
Rejection! We cleaned the B of M up and took it with us.

One other miracle is an RC I have met with forever finally came to church! Every week he commits to come but every week he doesn't show. This last week he came and had a pretty good experience! So that was so awesome to see him there! 

This following week is CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! So everyone Guo Nian Kuaile! Hope that this week is super awesome for ya'll cause it will be for me ;) I love you all and hope that you guys have a great week full of miracles! I'm praying for you always!

Elder Roe

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