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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Christian in the Ice Place!!!

各位弟兄姐妹午安!!!!!                                                                                April 20, 2015

How are ya'll!? I hope that everyone is just having one of the best days they have ever had. No matter where you are. This week was super duper good and busy and all that great stuff. It is actually a little bit difficult to measure how this week went. Just because there was a lot of good stuff and then some not as good stuff. This week I was really trying to focus on one of the Key Indicators and did everything I could to accomplish it and set stuff up, and instead of the expected result of improvement, I got the worst result I have ever gotten on my mission... so still trying to figure that one out. Oh well at least I am trying right? But on the other hand we saw some great miracles. We met with some awesome people, and met some for the very first time. It's been awesome.
Got our bikes back!!!

Best news of the week is: WE FINALLY HAVE BIKES! My companions bike finally got here so we are no longer a walking/bus/MRT missionaries! yeah! For all those in walking missions, 辛苦你們. 


A random tender mercy this week. I wanted my companion to try cuabing it's shaved ice. So even though it was raining a little bit we went to get some. I looked in the place and there didn't look like there was a place to sit down so I just told the lady that we could do take-out. But then a man in the back was like "no it's alright we are almost done." So we walked in and walked to the back where he was. He didn't look like he was really that close to being done so I told him no rush we could wait.
Constantly Learning!
Then he asked me in English "Are you from Utah?" I told him I was, to which he responded that he went to school at USU. What!? I was flipping out. Then after that he moved to California and lived there for 32 years! Working as a chemical engineer. He said he came back to Taiwan because when you get old in America there is nothing to do haha. Which if your Taiwanese is really true! Every morning at like 6 am the old Ama's and Agong's are out doing Tai-qi so I see what he was saying. After he left we stayed a little bit to finish eating. When we went to pay the lady told me that I didn't need to pay. The man that was just there already paid for it. He said he was also a Christian and he was just happy he could meet us. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT NEVER HAPPENS IN TAIWAN!!!!!!!!!! Mostly because everyone is Buddhist. But I was really so touched, even though it wasn't much, it was a act of kindness that went beyond 50 kaui.

It also started me thinking, what does it mean to be a "Christian." And how should it effect what we do, how we act and what we say? It means that we should be as a family. We should be looking out for others and we should be willing to help and serve and the drop of a dime. We should always be there and regardless of our background, culture, language, or even which Church we belong to, there should be a common love and comradery (sorry if thats not a word) But this is was it means to be a Christian 對我來說. 

So I hope that we can all try to follow Jesus Christ and try to become more like him every day. I love you all, I miss you and pray for you!

Much love,
Elder Roe

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