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Monday, January 5, 2015

Great Memories from 2014!!!

HAPPY 2015!                                                                                                                Jan 5, 2015 

This past year has been such a crazy one, especially for our little family, lot's of great life changing things have happened. I hope that 2015 is as happy and eventful. As for things in the little island of Taiwan, we are just plugging along. This week was a good week, we got to meet some really great people and make some new friendships.

SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014.... not in chronological order since my computer is giving me fits...I am still pretty computer handicapped! (Jody)

State Champion in both his Individual Events!!! And Record Breaker in Region 50 Free Style!!!
Said goodbye to Grandma LaVene in February
And then carried my Grandma Roe to her place of rest and bid farewell to her in May
Goodbye Buddy, Bye Mom.
Goodbye to Turbo...he was my childhood dog for the last 13 yrs.
Swam with the seals in the ocean!!!

Porter graduated from high school!!!
 Pictured here are Grandma Linda and Aunt Vicki!!!
Porter's favorite holiday.... 4th of July celebration at our house with the fam!!!
Saying goodbye to Porter. They are best buddies, Port and Bren!
A long awaited HELLO as we welcomed Taylor back home

Trip of a lifetime to Norway
Porter and Eldon took a Senior trip to San Diego
Port and I being silly on our trip to Seattle for Sectionals
(These are just a few of the things 2014 brought to us. Porter was gone before Kait moved into her new home, had a baby boy, we went to Norway to get Tay etc. So he has yet to see his sister Taylor or meet his nephew Beckett or see Kaitlyn's home....so lots of things will be new for him when he returns in July 2016! Who knows what else may happen by then.)

To start off our new year we were able to go with  our very favorite Brazilian family and they fed us a meal fit for kings. I was stuffed to the absolute brim!!! I couldn't even lift the fork to my mouth haha. We were very grateful that they were so willing to invite us into their home and make us apart of their family. We are very blessed. They other part of the week I went out to Zhu Nan with Elder Payne, and we had such a blast together. We did some surface at the beach picking up trash and it was so funny. Every Ama that passed by was just so shocked that the Waiguoren were there picking up trash. We helped they ward mission leader build part of his house which is an american design, at Tie Ban, and taught a Less-Active that I may or may not offended. Hopefully I didn't. Elder Payne said he that it was pretty funny though, I just told her that she couldn't wait for everyone else to come and bring her to Church, if she loves Jesus she will come to Church. So yeah that was interesting. 

We also saw such a great miracle this week! We went to an investigators house who has been trying to get baptized for 3  years! Anyway to weeks ago we asked him to stop smoking and drinking, but unfortunately he wasn't able to do that YET! But we met with him this week and I brought up that I knew he could stop smoking. He looked at us and just said, "I haven't smoked for 2 weeks, every since you told me to stop I did." What!? We were so proud of him! Once we get the drinking under control we will be good to go! So Keep him in your prayers! 

It's such a privilege to see this people making such great changes in their lives and grow closer to their Savior. I hope that you all have an incredible week! I love you all and pray for you always!

Elder Roe

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