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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Whoops....Wrong Train!!!

Hello to you all,

Where to start? I have no idea. This week was gone in a blink. But it was really good. Last week on Monday Elder Illu and I had plans to head over to Zhunan with those elders. So we got on a train and headed off. We sat down and relaxed and my companion dozed a bit.
Love the Asian kiddos

 I like looking out the window so I watched as we passed out of XinZhu through XiangShan, QiDing, approaching ZhuNan.... and then passing ZhuNan. I was like, oh no this isn't right. I told Elder Illu we just passed it and he jumps up and is just like no way! We can't figure out why but for some weird reason the train just decided not to stop. We went all the way down to Miaoli! Which is the very last city before you enter the TaiZhong Mission! Luckily we got off there and then got on another train back home. We though that would be a pretty awkward call to the President. "Hi President, so we aren't in our mission any more and we are lost." Probably wouldn't go over too well haha. 
Little mischievous kids! 

This week we saw the miracle of referrals! We got one emailed to us last week, so we called him up and set an appointment up for Sunday. Then on Saturday he called and said he actually couldn't meet on Sunday and asked if we could just meet him right then. Luckily we had an hour that we were just going to find before dinner so we said we could and drove over to his house. He is just a 17 year old kid named Aaron, and he is really awesome! He took us up onto the roof of his apartment which was awesome, overlooking Taiwan and the ocean. We sat up there and talked about why we are here and how this message can help us in our lives. It was really neat to see Gods hand. He had just failed a test and felt really dejected but decided to give us a call. (which we all know is called a prompting) He was really keen to learn more and by the time we left he was for sure in a much better mood. I think his life at home is a bit rough so I really hope he will be able to find some friends here.
I love Taiwan!
My fav dessert

It was also a great week for our LA's. We are really seeing a lot of progression! If we can just continue having them come to Church! Last night we had one tell us she didn't know who was going to love her when we left. It was really cute. We told her that she had a pretty loving ward that would love her forever.

Well I love you all and hope that you have an incredible week! I love you and am praying for you!

Elder Porter Roe

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