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Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year to America!

Hello to all!                                                                                                                  12/28/14

Well as predicted last week went so crazy fast! On Christmas Even the outer Zones went to Taipei and had out Zone Conference! It was such a blast! There were some very good and comical trainings! One was on Guo Nian, Chinese New Year.  I don't think I have laughed that hard for a little while!

 The Native Taiwanese missionaries talked to us on how we need to approach it so that we are able to be effective missionaries, they were very creative and gave us some really good advice. That will be a very interesting week, but unlike our new year this week, Guo Nian isn't until February. So we have a little while to wait.
Pres Day's awesome gift to me!

 After that we had Christmas Dinner!!! Oh my gosh, I didn't realize how much I missed good American food! Turkey, cookies, salad, sweet potato, mashed potato, fruit, the works. Needless to say we were all extremely thankful to Sister Day and all those in the English ward who came out to give us a great Christmas meal.

 Lastly, before we left President Day gave us his gift to us: Character, pinyin, English New Testament!!! How  awesome is that!?!?!? Last year he did the Pearl of Great price and D&C. It is so much work, he and native missionaries and those with super lihai Chinese translated it! It will be a super useful tool for us!

After that of course I got the Christmas Skype, which was so fun. It was great to hear how all of you are doing! Glad to see everyone is happy and healthy. 
All together for Christmas :)

This Sunday however was a little disappointing, our golden investigator who let us into his house last week is acting very different now. We called and asked him if he would like to come to Church, he was pretty quick to say no. Later he said he didn't have interest anymore in learning about our Church, our Jesus Christ. MY HEART SHATTERED. I've been through the occasional heart break of losing a race or what not, but this hurts more than anything. To see these people who are so close to getting to know their Heavenly Father and discover his true Church and then they turn their back and walk away. You feel really helpless when there isn't anything you can really do to change their mind without taking away their agency. We can only to what is in our power, but ultimately they have to choose. I know this was what we all signed up for, but I didn't know it could hurt this much.

Christmas Orange
My yummy Christmas Breakfast!

 Then our other investigator who had said all week would come to Church also didn't come. So that was a double whammy. We are hoping that we are able to help our investigators see the importance of Church, because if they aren't able to develop their own testimony they won't be able to progress to the waters of baptism. We just gotta put our heads down and push a little bit harder. 

Well that's about all. I feel like I told ya'll everything in the Skype so I can't really think of anything else to really write haha. I love you all and hope that you guys have a great week. And a great start to your new year! I love you all,

Elder Roe

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