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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Salvation isn't Cheap

Dear family and friends,                                                                                      11/10/14

Another week gone! It really does just fly past! So last time I was off to go to the temple. It was so incredible and beautiful! The people of Taiwan are so blessed to have one here and to be able to participate in these special blessings! They do such a good job to keep everything in tip top shape! I always love to see the temples because of how clean they are. Outside the temple is the crazy streets of Taiwan, it's loud, dirty a bit, and has a tad of a bad smell. Then in the temple it is just quite and peaceful. It is incredible what they can do for us!
Porter at Taiwan Temple holding the card he got from Brother Roe's Seminary Class!

This week we had the New Missionaries and Trainer follow-up meeting in Taipei. It was so fun to get to see everybody again. It was the biggest group they have ever had. Since they also got some natives that came in right before we got our visas, we had a group of 32 companionship's!!! So insane, everybody is happy and loving the work! It was really really weird to realize that this was the last time we would for sure all be in the same room for a meeting like that together. Just because of the transfer meetings will switch everyone around.

My roomies juggling fruit, and YUMMY noodles

 We started of by watching a clip from both Elder Holland and Pres. Eyring. It showed Jesus Christ's life and Elder Holland spoke about why a mission is hard. He said that we in our own way would have to experience a little bit of what Christ did. We would have a hard time, people would reject us maybe even spit on us. But that is what Christ did. Our job is to go out and find the few that will accept the message of the truthfulness of the restored gospel. My favorite part though, was when he said "Salvation isn't cheap for us, because it never was for Him." So remember that there are going to be those hard times but the reward in the long run is far greater than temporary pain that we may be in right now.

Some kind of Taiwanese Temple

After this meeting we went back and are trying to make more improvements. We went to an area we have been trying for a little bit and hadn't met a ton of people. We were trying to find a family to teach, even though that isn't what we found we did find something else. Three new investigators! We were so surprised!  All of them have great potential, they are in high school and college and are pretty open to hearing our message. I am so happy that God helped us that night to know where to go! 

Last night we ate dinner with one of my favorite families I have met so far! However, the just happen to live on the biggest hill ever. So when we go home we decide to keep going up and over the mountain so that the other side is all down hill to our home. We finally got to the other side, and started down.I was so excited so finally relax and just coast. And then the wind started!!! : ( It blew so hard it literally stopped us! I HAD TO PEDAL MY BIKE DOWNHILL! I was so chapped! Hope that never happens again!

Well I love you all, nothing else really to report. The Church is true!

Elder Roe

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