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Monday, November 17, 2014

Miracle Baptism

Dajia Hao!                                                                                                           Nov 17, 2014

Well first things first I hope this was a week full of adventures for all of you because it most definitely  was for me! I guess because of the heading your all probably wondering what that's all about so I'll start with that. 
Typical Griffin position!

So putting that goal of getting a baptisms actually does work every once in a while, even if you have no one to fill it. This week I had the incredible opportunity to attend the baptism of Angel, an incredible woman from the Philippines. I actually have never taught her though. Some Elders in the other Zone found her and taught her all the way through to now. We found out though this week that her house which is on the border of our area is actually on our side in XiangShan! So we get the great responsibility of having her in our ward and teaching the new member lessons!

 It was such a neat experience, after she was baptized we had her share her testimony with the ward. She said the first time she was taught by the missionaries she felt like she was flying. Then today when she got in the water she said she felt like it was a little cold, but when the baptism was performed and she was submerged in the water she felt so warm even though the water wasn't. And she feels so light. It was so great to hear her talk about it, she is a great example and we are so lucky to be able to have her as the newest member of our ward! 

This next part is a little crazy, and I would not have believed it if I didn't see it myself! Elder Illu and I were riding our bikes across a small bridge while we were on our way to go Qiaomen. And I was behind my comp. and I look over on the bridge and I see a huge snake! And if anyone knows anything about me you will know how much I dislike snakes! I slow down and see that it is not just a snake.... Its a cobra!!!!!!!! Yeah I know sounds unbelievable right!? I was like, does Taiwan even have these!?
Yeah, almost ran into this guy this week!!!

 I whistle for Elder Illu to come back and another Taiwanese lady joins us on a moped and the three of us are just looking at it. Then a guy drives by it and looks out the window and see's it so he pulls over and stops too. Then whats even more crazy, he goes and gets a big stick, puts it on it's head so it can't bite, and then picks it up!!!! I was like your are KUA ZHANG!!!!! Then he puts it in a bag and that's that.... Yeah it was the craziest experience of my life. We asked him if Taiwan has a lot of those and he said he didn't think so and thinks that it is pretty rare to find one. My guess is it got out of it's cage or something like that. Full of adventures this week haha. 
Thank goodness for the crazy snake captor!!!

The third thing I found out this week was that I can actually communicate with people! This week I went on exchanges and one of our Zone Leaders came out to my area. We contacted, had dinner with a member, and taught a less active. Since he wasn't familiar with the people or the planned lessons, I did most of the talking. I really surprised myself, an even more surprised that they actually understood what I was saying! I have such a far way to go with  this language but I can really see that God is mindful of me and that the gift of tongues is starting to take place. 

Well that's about it for this week. I love you all and am so thankful for all the support everyone gives me. Share the message of the gospel with everyone! It is such a blessing in our lives and we have an  obligation to share it with others! I love you all, miss you, and pray for you!

Elder Porter Roe 

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