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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Will ye go?

Hey Everyone,                                                                                                        11/5/14

Well this week is a little crazy. Yes p-day is on Wednesday. It is because we are going to the temple today! Words cannot express how excited I am! But this all means short email time! So I will cut straight to the chase!
(It is 4:30 am and I only have a few min to hurry and write this today)

Taipei Temple

Yesterday we had Zone Conference. It was super good and a great training had been prepared!
 At the beginning about fifteen minutes in our Mission President, President Day walked in. It was clear that he was not expected to come. Of course our first though was, uh oh. But it was actually really really good.
My trusty bike!

 At the end he stood up and told us that he didn't know why he was there. Just that he had been prompted to come and so he came. He shared with us from Alma 27 about when Alma was  rejected by the people then after an angel visited him. He was asked the question "Will ye go?"

 This was his question to us, he said that if we wanted to reach our goals we would have to put in triple the amount of work. Would we follow what the Lord told us to do. We would have to follow the spirit. If you have a prompting to go somewhere that has never had success will you go or will you let the mechanical man slow you down? Following the spirit is the most important thing we a missionaries need to do.
One of my most favorite meals here....egg filled with rice!
Xiang Shan at night!

So After this, of course we were all fired up ready to go to work. We returned to Xiang Shan and me and my companion planned in depth a message for a family we would be visiting that night.

 They Bishop had told us he would like to see these members sealed in the temple. We knew that the Brother had most likely been through the temple because he was a high priest. We shared with the family about temples. And then asked if they had been sealed to their family. The Sister started to say yes, and then they husband responded they had not. We came to find out that the sister had only been baptized two years ago. She didn't know much about the temple and what it could do for us. She was so amazed and the spirit was so strong and tangible when we asked them if they would be willing to set a date to go through the temple! Our joy was incredible as they agreed. This Brother had been a member since he was 28, he is now about 60. And finally they will be able to have an Eternal Family. When we follow the spirit miracles happen! 

I am so blessed to be able to attend the temple today. I hope that we utilize this great tool in our lives. Only through the temple and the priesthood power of God can we have families that will last forever! 
For Halloween I got SCONES!!! My fav! We gave some to the Taiwanese but they weren't that impressed haha.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week! I am praying for you always! 

Elder Roe

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