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Monday, August 4, 2014

Half way done at the MTC

Dajia Hao!                                                                                                   Aug. 4, 2014

I hope that everyone had a fantastic week! I feel like for me it was just kind of the same thing as the one before. Here at the MTC the schedule doesn't really differentiate much. But something that I have been doing this week was take the challenge of Elder Bednar. And buy a paper back copy of the Book of Mormon and write in the front a question you have. Then read, mark, ponder, take notes etc, pertaining to that question. Then once you have finished the book, write only one paragraph of the answer to that question. I have already learned so much.
 I can testify that that book has the answer to any question we have. Last night I watch the Joseph Smith prophet of the restoration movie. My testimony of the man grew so much. There is no way someone can give up that much, and suffer in so many ways and not be telling anything other than the truth. In 1st  Nephi chapter one. He says "having suffered many afflictions, nevertheless, being favored in the eyes of good..." What!? So let me get this right. Having many afflictions means that you are favored by God? What a good attitude. I read President Uchtdorfs talk on Gratitude. And he talks about what God really wants to see is an attitude of gratitude. I believe that Nephi most definitely  had this.
Playing Chubby Bunny with cheeseballs!
Yep, we get serenaded at night!

Still finding time for fun!
I loved what my Sister Taylor Roe said in her e-mail this week. About how many of us are caught up in the line, and need someone to save us. I would dare say all of us. Being here I have realized how much just an upbeat attitude towards other can make your, or their day. This past week I got to host the new missionaries. A big news agency was here (I think it was BBC) doing a report on the MTC. And as I walked passed them with these new Shen de daibiao (representatives of Christ) I could see the shock on their faces under their "new's reporter facades" to watch these 18 year old boys leave, give their family a hug and then walk away onto a daunting task. I am proud to be a Latter-day Saint. 

I cannot believe that this week I will hit a month since entering the MTC, just about halfway! The time flies here! Thank you to everyone who has been here supporting me! I love you all! Best wishes until next time!

Elder Roe

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