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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My first real teach!

Dajia hao!                                                                                                             July 28, 2014

Hope everyone is doing well! This week was way fun because Wednesday we got 2 new district's of Mandarin speaking missionaries! And I have seen a ton of people I know from MC which was way fun! We now have the 3rd LARGEST branch in the MTC. Our building is almost filled up, the work in Asia is hastening!
 This week we taught our first lesson at the TRC. Which is where it is real life members of the Church which volunteer to come and hear a message. (in you mission language of course, just clarifying) So we were all a little nervous. But it was problably the best experience I have had so far! The first lesson was with to men, one from Beijing and the other from Taipei. The were so kind and helped us out a lot with the words we didn't know or mispronounced. The next to gentlemen were pretty young, one from Taipei and on from Provo. I got about halfway through the lesson and then asked them if they had had any experiences with prayer that they would like to share. The younger, who was 16 shook his head, and the other informed me that he was not a member of the Church. So yup, I guess I have already taught an investigator! Wahoo! But in all seriousness, it was a very spiritual experience. And challenged both of them that if at any time they feel stressed of upset to pray to our Tianfu (Heavenly Father) he will help us and give us peace.
Our district!!!

Now for the funny story of the week. So here in the MTC, I have found that you have to make your own fun! So I prank. What else would I do. So the night before I had made Elder Perkins "guess the password" So Elder Jacobson the night after went to the bathroom and it was just about time for lights out. So I got Elder Casper to go and jump into his bed and hide unto the covers! So when he came back in I shut off the lights (so he wouldn't see him) and told him LIGHTS OUT!!! So he was like whatever Elder Roe and got into the bed and me and Perkins are just trying not to laugh. Then out of the darkness I hear "What is this?" And then Elder Casper (who has the best laugh ever) Let's out this little "huhhhhhhhh" then "CASPER GET OUT OF MY BED!!!" I don't think I have laughed this hard here before. I was crying and I am pretty sure Elder Jacobson was scared. But he has been a good sport about it!
Kameron Christensen and Porter!!! Swim buds!

Last night we watched Elder Bednar's Character of Christ. And he said so much good stuff but I loved the part where he talked about. "This isn't about you, it doesn't matter how you feel or what you want. This is a mission" It really put into perspective that we are here on God time and if he could be here doing this work he would be. So we need to buck up and go to work every single day. 

I love this gospel, I know it's true and no one can ever tell me otherwise. Strive to have Christ in your daily life and don't forget to thank him for everything thing that is good and everything that is bad.
Another buddy at the MTC!

Much love,
Porter inherited his sarcasm from home....yikes!
Luo Zhanglao

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