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Monday, July 21, 2014

The days are long and the weeks are fast!

Hello everyone!                                                                                          July 21, 2014

Well I can now say what everyone before has said. The day's are long and the weeks are fast. I think the most part of why this is true for me is because; when you spend 6 hours of hearing a language you don't understand your brain get's fried and you just want to sleep! Haha, but the truth is it is a blast! My district is the best mix of personalities you can imagine!
Me and Perkins!
 We are all picking up the Language fairly quickly! During class I can understand about 90% of what is being said which is so cool, except when I need to respond I realize how frustrating it is to not have the vocabulary of what I want to say! Our lessons have gone pretty well, this week we will be teaching two new investigators and then on Sat. we head over the the TRC. Where we will teach real member's of the church in Mandarin. So that won't be intimidating at all.
 And then I love going to Church where we sing, pray, and speak in Chinese. But I gotta say I can't wait for the day where I actually understand what they are saying. This experience is by far going to be the best, and hardest adventure of my life. I have found that although many other missionaries focus mostly on Language, it doesn't matter if the Holy Ghost is not present. So what I have tried to do is develop a strong testimony, and learn how to say that effectively. It has strengthened me and helped me to know that this is the right choice. Even though I might not yet speak as well as other's I DO know that this is Christ's true gospel. I feel so thankful to have that knowledge.
My 1st Package...probably my last!
 Last night in our Sunday Devotional we had T.C. Christensen speak to us. He directed the film(s) 17 Miracles, Ephraim's rescueetc. And something he said was very profound. When Brigham Young ask for those to go and rescue those that where basically stranded many people volunteered, but it was a couple days before they would be ready. But Ephraim could tell him "I am ready now!" I think that, that is something we can all do no matter where we are. Prepare ourselves so that when God calls we can say "I am ready, NOW." 
McNeil had his 19th Bday! We may or may not have a caffeinated drink under lock and key!

On a little bit of the more comical side, while we were sitting in the stands waiting for the devotional begin. A Sister in front of me turns around and see's my Chinese name tag and says. "Oh your going to taiwan!" And then starts spewing out Chinese. I just looked at her like, uhhhh ni hao. She laughed and then said it again and we had a small conversation is Chinese which was a lot of fun! I can't wait to get out there and serve those people. We are so blessed to have this gospel! I love you all! Until next week!

Elder Roe

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