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Monday, July 14, 2014

My 1st Pday!!!

Elder Wolford and me!
                                                                                 July 14, 2014

Howdy ya'all,

Well, it's finally pday which mean I get to write home to ya'all! So, let's go back to Wednesday, the day I was whisked off from you all off the curb, for the  next 2 years of my life....yep that day.

Well thankfully they rope off everything so it's nearly impossible to get lost. And then I got my name tag and on it was my super super cool: DORK DOT! Haha, yeah I you look like a dumby for sure. But it was a super tender mercy to run into Elder Wolford right off the bat!

My nametag...FOR REAL!!!

 Then I was taken to the classroom where we would not hear English. I was one of the last groups to arrive so most of my district was there. And our teacher (Ruan Laoshi) kept speaking Chinese at me and trying to sign what I needed. It was painfully awkward. We learned how to tell where we were from and how to introduce ourselves.

 We were all issued a Chinese name that we are suppose to go by. Mine is Luo Zhanglao. Yup it's freaking hard to say, it took me about three days to be able to get it down. Luckily there is another Chinese teacher who is actually from China with the same surname "Luo." So I just kept listening to how people said her name! We had a ton missionaries come in my day, I think they said it was a new record but I didn't hear the exact number, sorry!

My 1st Companion! Elder C! 

 But we had a big opening meeting together and it is an incredible feeling to be around so many people that want to have the light of Christ with them. This is a very spiritual place. I have had the opportunity give two blessings so far and it has been awesome! In my residence there is my and my companion Elder Casper who is a great guy. Strong spirit all around! We are definitely different but we work together well I think! Also there is Elder Perkins and Elder Jacobson. Both of them have been sick this week so we are praying that they can get back to full health quickly!
My roommates!
Yep, ran into my bud...Elder Steven Odd!

 On Friday we got to go outside and it was nice and cool and play soccer! It was mostly just the Mandarin speakers and it was such a fun way to start out the day and a REALLY nice time away from the classroom! I feel like I have a thousand things I want to say but I don't really have them all organized so sorry!

Also I have taught two lessons in Chinese. Now don't be mistaken, when I say "taught" that means that I ask him a question from the book and the investigator replies really fast and I have absolutley no idea what he says, then I search through the book for something close to what he said. Lots and lots of awkward silences. We are teaching him later tonight again so keep us in your prayers! I love it here and am so blessed to serve the people of Taiwan and learn Chinese. Even though I feel a little overwhelmed and it seems like we'll never be able to speak it I know it's what I'm suppose to do. I love you all! Until next week!
Love ya Kaitlyn...here's our pic right before I left!

Elder Roe

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