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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who is God?

Happy Monday!                                                                                          Aug 11, 2014

I know that I have said this every week. But it's so true, the weeks here FLY by. This week was so neat. On Wednesday night we had a discussion of why everyone in our District was here. It was basically a small testimony meeting. It was so amazing. I see why the hastening of the work is happening right now. These missionaries that I get to associate with are 1st class kind of people. It makes me so sad when I make such good friends with them and then they fly off to the far edges of the world and I know I probably won't see them every again. But I do know the influence they will make.
hanging out in our room
 Last night I listened to Richard Heaton talk. His talk was entitled, Who is God? He opened with asking the question; "Who of you think that on your mission you will meet someone who doesn't know who God is?" He then told us that all of our hands should be up. Then he had converts in the congregation stand up who were converts that were 16 or older. Then had two, a Sister and an Elder come down and tell us about their conversion. And why they said the didn't know who God was. It was incredibly powerful! Something he said really struck me because I have found myself being guilty of this. He said; " We act as though the cognitive understanding of doctrine is what will make the difference. It will not. What we need to do is help them discover who God is, who he is makes the difference.
Love his visual on Choice and Accountability...looks like he is soon meeting up with the shark! Poor Luo!
 When learning a new language, Taylor you might be able to back me up on this, I think we stress too much about learning the vocabulary that we need to teach about the lessons in Preach my Gospel. We try to learn definitions for "atonement" "priesthood" haha and especially "baptism" Now don't get me wrong, these are of the most importance. Because I have had it asked to me and when you can't answer it, it becomes very awkward very fast. But perhaps if we focus on learning how they will be able to discover God through these things it will be of better worth. As I write this I realize how obvious it sounds. But breaking out of the teaching mentality can be very difficult!
 So I need to ask myself the question. Do I know who God is? When have I felt his love and do I recognize it in my daily life. I know that I am more than able to have the opportunity to have his love because of what I am doing but I need to go out of my way to help myself and other's realize it. 

A little downtime!

I love you all. There is no greater work than to share the gospel. I think that we are too scared to share it! The best way to share is just to live it. And be open to answer those people's questions. Remember that we are all One Fold, and One Shepard. Wishing you all the best! Wo ai nimen! Wo jian ni xia ge libai! 

Luo Zhanglao

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  1. Ni hao wa da peng you! I am so glad that you are learning Chinese! You WILL love the Chinese people.